Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am counting on you Lord please don’t let me down/Prove that you love me and buy the next round

I am an epic fail at baseball blogging this past week. I have a legitimate reason though!!!

1. American Idol Hollywood Week (I am claiming Adam Lambert in the American Idol Drinking Game)
2. I found out the David Archuleta concert I am going to is sold out and I couldn’t stop crying tears of confused shame
3. I got a new puppy! His name is Zeppelin and he’s 13-weeks old.
4. A-Rods very heartfelt and emotional apology made me throw-up in my mouth. (zzzzing!)
5. I am trying to teach Lucy all the words to Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz”
6. I went to the Motocross

Hey Lady Bloggers
(and for the few male ones that care)!
Let’s have an activity! Come on! We talk about it all the time. The other baseball bloggers always write about how they have a luncheon and what-not. Let’s gather together and talk baseball! What say you?

Non-baseball but no less important
I gots a rock & roll puppy

Meet Zeppelin! He’s a 13-week old Siberian Husky/Australian Blue Heeler mix. He’s about 27 lbs and was rescued from the Humane Society. He’s fucking adorable, even at 6:30 a.m. when I was standing outside with him in my pajamas telling him to “go potty!”

#2 – David Archuleta concert? WTF Jen?
Wait, you didn’t know that I have tickets to the David Archuleta (runner-up on American Idol Seasno 7) concert in Duluth, MN? Oh, you haven’t been paying attention. The 12-year old that I took to the American Idol concert last year (I acted like I was too cool to go so I said “fine, I’ll take her” but secretly wanted to go) wanted to go to the David Archuleta concert. Being the kind and generous (drunk, snarky, slightly bitchy) soul that I am I said “Why the hell not!” I bought tickets online thinking they were General Admission and the two of us could hang in the back (near the bar). Alas, I didn’t read clearly and have now found myself in possession of two 8th ROW seats to David Archuleta. I am going to die aren’t I? I am going to be mass murdered by tweens. I am going to be a statistic on the nightly news. Hey, maybe I’ll make wildly inappropriate signs to make my heart feel better.

Other non-soul sucking concerts
2/18 – Motley Crue
2/27 – Joel McHale
3/3 – Fleetwood Mac
3/7 – David Archuleta *sigh*
3/24 – Katy Perry
4/7 – Travis
5/3 – Flight of the Conchords

Elle (elle eh eh) planned a secret outing for us last Saturday night. We ended up at the Motocross Spectacular at the Target Center. The whole idea of flying motorcycles both fascinated me and freaked me out. I kept having scenarios flashing in my brain of motorcycles, helmets or riders flying into the crowd and killing me. I kept saying “I don’t want to die here! I don’t want to be one of those tragic statistics!” Thank baby jesus Elle (elle eh eh) understands my neuroses and declared she would protect me. Once I moved past the irrational fears, I had a blast! There was beer, great people watching, exciting things, cute guys, lots of hairspray, exhaust fumes, tattoos galore and…WALLY THE BEERMAN! Thanks Elle!

Music of the Day – Lucy’s a Rockstar Edition
Here’s Lulu representin’ the 60’s
Mercedes Benz


caryn said...

it might take me a while to get there, but i'm down for the blogger get together.

oh, wait, you meant TWINS bloggers.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Oh no Caryn! You are totally invited!!! You can crash on my sofa with the cat and the dog if you need to!

k-bro said...

Count me in.


Tricia said...

Yes, count me in too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, LazyA$$...update the blog!