Monday, February 2, 2009

Pack my bags, walking in the rain/Hear them voices inside my head/Drinking that booze & taking down names

Let’s talk sports
There was a big football game yesterday, huh.
* I like the hype and history around the super bowl but 12 hours of football is kind of long for a newbie like me.
* I tuned in early to mock Al Roker interviewing “celebs” on the red carpet.
* I caught Matt Lauer’s interview with President Obama (I won’t ever get tired of typing that).
* I watched Jennifer Hudson sing the anthem (and got into an argument with my aunt about if it was a pre-recorded track or not).
* I flipped between the game and the Puppy Bowl.
* I chuckled Bruce Springsteen’s sliding crotch shot during the half-time concert.
* I cheered for the Cardinals and Fitzgerald.
* I cheered for the Steelers (since 90% of the blogs I read are Steelers fans.)
* I was super excited for The Office.
* I went to bed.

Big football day huh?

Uh oh, it’s hard to be the Golden Boy
Phelps admits ‘bad judgment’ after marijuana-pipe photo
Wow, the hype around this is kind of shocking. It is like children everywhere are finding out there really isn’t a tooth fairy or something. Come on, kid smoked pot. How many of our past presidents were outed for smoking pot? I am not saying that it’s okay and all that jazz but I am sure there are many other things to be up-in-arms about. (Oh and I understand that he’s a role model and what not BUT if the press didn’t go crazy with printing and disceting this photos would the children even find out? Yeah…probably not.)

Twins Talk
The new commercial for Twins Territory aired during the Super Bowl. I kind of fangirled it. What can I say, these commercials rock my sox.
Trucks” First of reportedly four commercials to air this season

Tickets! Who needs tickets?
Ames and I are proud holders of 2009 Season Tickets (splitting a package.) We’ll be back in our same spot – Section 204, row 4. I look forward to seeing Cosby Sweater Geek, Giant Headphones Guy, Hair Scrunchie Chick, Broken Leg Man (hopefully that has healed up), Chatty McChatterson, and now us girls! Weeeee!

Non-baseball but no less important

Scott Weiland owns my soul!
I saw Scott Weiland in concert on Saturday night. You know Scott Weiland, of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver fame. A big thanks to EV for scoring us third row tickets!!! There once was a time when I wasn’t such a seat-whore (that’swhatsehsaid) and didn’t care where I sat but now…now that has all changed! (12th row for American Idol, 5th row for AC/DC, 8th row for David Archuleta, 3rd row for Scott Weiland.)
Where: The concert was held in this small theater which gave a really intimate setting for the show. I was a little drunkenly disappointed to see the place wasn’t very full. I mean, it’s Scott fucking Weiland!?!?!?!
Who: The crowd was a mix of old rocker dudes, young white ‘burban kids, hipsters, retired rock & roll couples and The Cougars. The cougars were a little scary because I have actually never witnessed a pack of cougars in full rock glory before. I tried to refrain from being too catty in front of EV (be thankful.)
Set List: We got to hear Vaseline and Interstate Love Song (in which I fangirled at.) He played a lot of new stuff including his cover of Bowie’s Fame.

Music of the Day
Scott Weiland – Paralysis

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