Saturday, February 21, 2009

Night is falling everywhere/Rockets hit the fun fair/Satan loves the bomb-scare but he won’t scare you

New Twin - Crede
I got a text late last night (okay, it was 10:30 p.m. BUT that’s late when you start drinking at 4:00 p.m.) from one of Those Girls saying that the Twins signed Crede. Wow, we did one thing this offseason. Welcome to Minnesota Mr. Crede. We are a loyal but fickle bunch of fans. I already predict his little banner will say something like Crede’s Crew and that will make me roll my eyes. In the words of the Ramones (This business is killing me) “You can’t please all the people all the time.”

Non-baseball but no less important

Kat Von D is my new Girl-Crush

*On Wednesday I stood in line amongst the tattooed and pierced coolness of Minneapolis to have my brand spanking new Kat Von D book autographed. (In case you don’t know who she is: she’s a tattoo artist, has the show L.A. Ink, and is dating Nikki Sixx.
*Nothing like being the ONLY person in a line (of hundreds) wearing dress pants and a suitcoat. Hey, I had to skip out on a meeting to go wait in line.
*I had a crossdresser behind me who spoke on her phone the whole time about make-up and jerky boyfriends. I had a guy in front of me that had those earlobe gauge peircings (the big plugs in his ears) that were so big (that’swhatshesaid) that I wanted to ask if I could put my finger through it. Don’t know why.
*Kat Von D and I had a brief conversation that went like this:
Kat: Hey, are you on your lunch break?
Me: No but I am skipping a meeting
Kat: Oh, is it an important one?
Me: *giggle* Haaa…um? *giggle*
Kat: Just tell me it was important so I feel cool
Me (gushing): Yes, it was very important *giggle*
Kat: Thanks for stopping by. It was nice meeting you.
Me: *giggle* Yeah, nice meeting YOU! Thank you!

*Yep, I fangirled pretty damn hard. I didn’t expect the nervous giggles to hit me but I think I pulled it off.

Dr. Feelgood
I rocked to Motley Crue on Wednesday night and THEY WERE AWESOME! My review of that concert can best be summed up via my Twitters:

*All the opening bands are done. AC/DC’s Hells Bells playing whilst we wait for Motley Crue.

*Motley Crue wants you to shout shout shout shout at the devil. Are you? I am.
*Beer run whilst guitar solo intro.
*Motley Crue and Elvis. Covering Jailhouse Rock.
*Tommy Lee’s dad was born in St. Paul, MN.
*According to Motley Crue, I am the mother fucker of the year. Huh.
*Don’t go away mad, just go away – per the Crue.
*Motley Crue: same old situation, same old ball and chain + a fight! Love it!
*Motley Crue wants us to scream, shout, tear up this fucking town. Sorry Mom.
*BTW, that’s Primal Scream!
*Motley Crue thinks that YOU (me) got the looks that kill. Mmm…beer good.
*He’s the one you call Dr. Feelgood. He’s the one that makes it alright. You know what? He does!
*I am on my way Home Sweet Home…well, after this song. Good Night Motley Crue!

Zeppelin The Dog Update
Zepp is 4 months old now!

Music of the Day – New Release Edition
U2 – Get Your Boots On

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