Thursday, December 11, 2008

But I can dance, dance, dance/So when I trip on my feet/Look at the beat

Hey, at least he knows when to admit it
Gardy says Young rumors his fault

Trading Block
Cool site on MLB – MLB Hot Stove Tracker

Some big names from the list:
CC Sabathia…blah blah blah
K-Rod to Mets
JJ Putz to Mets
Franklin Gutierrez to Mariners
Mike Lamb signs one-year contract with Brewers (I know, not a trade but still…)
Coco Crisp to KC Royals (very interesting)
Ramon Ramirez to Red Sox
Nick “The Swish” Swisher to Yankees (not really news anymore)
Matt Holliday to Oakland
Huston Street to Rockies

Non-baseball but no less important

Mutton Chops a la civil war
A co-worker grew mutton-chops on a dare (with cookies as a prize.) I tried to be stealth to get a photo but he wasn’t having it. Instead, I will leave you with a drawing to describe it.

Here he is hiding from my stealth camera skillz

And here is what he actually looked like


There is a new fad sweeping the nation…Grapples – grape flavored apples. Why eat two kinds of fruit when you can now get one fruit with two flavors! Why have two forms of fruit servings and nutrients when you can get one with the added bonus of artificial flavoring. In reality, these things scare the shit out of me. I tried one and it tastes like Dimetapp children’s cough syrup.

I walked around for…um, approximately four hours on Tuesday with a total hairtastrophe and all my so called “friends” (I made air-quotes when I told this story) didn’t even buddy-check me on it. Seriously! I had a huge hunk of hair sticking up. Yeah, I understand that ultimately it is my responsibility to brush my hair but come one! Someone has gots to help me out here!!! (It especially looks bad after a very public night of drinking.) I call Douchbaggery!

I am hunter!
I killed a creepy, crawly, multiple legged bug that was racing across the floor. My weapon? A trashy romance novel (and old Nora Roberts to be exact.) Since there are now bug guts and little legs all over the book I decided to just throw it in the trash. I mean, it was an accessory in a murder. Yeah, I wasn’t done reading it but I lost the desire after seeing the little legs. Did I mention there were little legs all over it? Yeah. Little legs.

In the kitchen while cooking breakfast-for-dinner
Lucy: Mama, you are bringing me down
Me: *snort* (and then I had to turn away)

Music of the Day – New stuff
I don’t know Lykke Li (but I like the sound of her voice) and Bon Iver is a Wisconsin indie music darling known for writing his last album from a cabin in the woods.

Lykke Li & Bon Iver – Dance Dance Dance

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