Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So I won’t hesitate no more, no more/It cannot wait, I’m sure/There’s no need to complicate, out time is short

Yeah, I searched and searched for something new and fresh for the baseball part of my baseball blog. I am just here cap in hand. I thought I would try to keep this place a little active and amuse those who enjoy me being an uber-dork with my non-baseball shit. So…enjoy it while you can. Once baseball is back on then we will have a new focus.

Non-baseball but no less important

At Borders in Coon Rapids
Me: Oh hey, I know this song! (singing along to the music playing in the store)
Elle: Who is it?
Me: (thinking) Um…oh shit, it’s David Archuleta. Damn it.
Elle: (chuckles)
Me: Damn it! Now I freaking outed myself at Borders by singing along to David fucking Archuleta!

A bit later I had to solidify my coolness by heavily mocking the Jonas Bros display.
(In case you’re interested…the song was “Desperate.”)

In our livingroom
Stacy (who I thought was on the phone): It’s too late, she must be drunk.
Me (interrupting her conversation): What? Why would you say that?
Stacy: What are you talking about?
Me: Oh, I thought you were on the phone talking about me.
Stacy: Jenny, it’s not always about you when I talk about drunk people.

In line at an Asian take-out place
Customer: I don’t like dark meat, don’t give me any dark meat.
My friend: Hahaha…that’s a “That’s what she said moment” if I ever heard one.
Me: Then you should “That’s what she said-ed” it. Don’t leave it hanging.
Friend: It’s too late now.
Me: True that.
Customer: I told you I don’t like the dark meat.
Me: (barely contains snort of laughter)
Me: Shhh…fuck, I don’t think they heard you in Canada.

On Family Guy last night
Lois Griffin: Daddy, we don’t want any special treatment. We’re here as a family and we’re gonna live as a family.
Stewie: Are you serious? We come to a mansion and you want to live with the help? Ugh, it’s like going to a strip club on a Tuesday afternoon.
[cutaway to Stewie sitting by the stage at a strip club]
Stewie: Is there anyone here who hasn’t had a C-section?

The Big New Year’s Eve Question
Who are you going to watch while counting down? Last year I loved seeing Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin (I hearts those two so much) but this year they may have a little competition. Fox station will have David Cook, Lynyrd Skynyrd AND Scott Weiland performing in Las Vegas. How can I not watch? How. Can. I. Not. Scott Weiland (Rock God) + David Cook = FANfuckingTASTIC!

Is Scott Weiland so hot? Seriously, maybe it is the combination of his being a musical genius along with the fact he is kinda smoking. I will be doing an album review later this week…so just you wait! Just. You. Wait. (Most of you are joyous in the fact it is a non-American Idol album I am reviewing.)

Does Will Ferrell playing the Cow Bell guy so fucking hilarious? I think a clip of him playing Cow Bell could be used as therapy. I could put it on my iPod and play it during a particularly bad meeting. Who can stay mad when there’s Cow Bell? Who? (An asshole, that’s who.)

Music of the Day – Lucy’s a Rockstar
Again, when Lucy becomes a certified Rock Star she will owe it all to me. Here she is singing along with Jason Mraz on his “I’m Yours” song. This video was taken yesterday morning whilst we enjoyed our cups of coffee and an impromptu show. Check it out…she really reaches those high-flat notes!

Lucy – I’m Yours (Jason Mraz cover)


Ann said...

Hey! Happy New Year Jen!
I stayed up with Anderson and Kathy. They were great. (Well, SHE was great. He just giggled a lot. Which was sweet.)
And about that gorgeous, nasty Scott Weiland. Good lawd I like that guy. I shouldn't. He's just so bad. (And that's why ;-> )
I was going to post the "Paralysis" video but I know that older family members are now checking the blog and I didn't want them to get too uncomfortable.
Whew!!! Good video.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Happy New Year Ann!

Yes, the dirty hotness of Scott Weiland. I have a feeling that he is only amazing from afar. He would probably be a little too much up close and personal. As long as he keeps putting out fantastic music I will keep supporting him.