Friday, December 26, 2008

Motownphilly’s back again/Doin’ a little east coast swing/Boyz II men going off

This is baseball?
What the fuck! We just experienced what had to be the most boring Winter Meetings EVER! So, thanks…for nothing. Let’s hope we can get our team solidified before Spring Training.

/end random rant – but at least it was baseball related

Non-baseball but no less important

Some day you won’t laugh at me! I’m going out and have a real life! I’m gonna be somebody! - A Star is Born
Last night Stacy, Lucy and I had a mini Christmas celebration (where the Baileys’ was finished off.) Lucy opened her present from me, her very first guitar. Like a true rockstar, she had a quick meltdown and then strapped on her acoustic. Stacy was quick enough to get her camera out to record Lucille Eskedar Anderson’s very first acoustic performance. I know I say it all the time but Lucy is the coolest fucking kid!

Dear Lucy,
When you become famous I will be selling this video to TMZ, People, and Time to show how you got your start. Just don’t forget me when you become a multi-platinum Rockstar.

-Auntie Jen

Lucy’s first acoustic performance

Hey, I never said I was a nice person
So you know those holiday cards you get in the mail that have pictures of all the wonderful places they traveled, all the culture they soaked up, all the accomplishments that have achieved? You know the ones that have graduation pictures from fancy ivy league colleges, frou-frou engagement pictures, and published work? Yeah, those are the cards I mock. Honestly? If I sent out my own little picture card right now it would include me standing next to C3PO, me holding up my “When did rock and roll become so fucking boring” watch at the Kansas City baseball stadium, it would be me drunk on the streets of Minneapolis celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it would be all of the pictures I have taken of my adult beverages, it would be me flicking off the camera, giving the rock salute, kissing Lucy and getting my tattoo. Those would be my accomplishments. Are they any less grandiose than yours? Yeah, probably but at least I don’t have some red-headed chick with an Ethiopia tattoo mocking me on her blog. Aw, snap.

Merry Christmas 2008!

Happy belated Birthday Neal
Remember how I prepared myself for mocking when I gave David Cook a birthday shout-out? Well, I have my Wonder Woman Cuffs on for this one too. Neal = guitar player that I have a rockstar crush on. I mean, come on! He has sleeve tattoos, snake bites (lip piercings, Aunt K), lobe-spacers and knuckle tattoos. What’s not to love? (Yeah, my aunt is having her second heart attack right now.)

Happy Birthday!

Motownphilly’s back again/Doin’ a little east coast swing
Yep, Boyz II Men are back again! February 20 at Jackpot Junction Casino. Who wants to roadtrip with me? Hmm? Any takers? Don’t be shy!

Music of the Day – Tempting you Edition
Boyz II Men – Motownphilly

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