Saturday, December 20, 2008

They say misery loves company/We could start a company/And make misery, Frustrated Incorporated

First, I have to apologize
There just isn’t that much happening right now! Rats! Well, you can read the non-baseball stuff for entertainment (well if drinking, swearing and odd photos are entertaining.)

Twins Looking Overseas
Twins have “expressed interest” in Japanese pitchers Kenshin Kawakami and Koji Uehara

Non-baseball but no less important

Non-verbal That’ What She Said
With International That’s What She Said Day fast approaching us (February 15) I am trying to compile all the rules and regulation to this most fantastic of holidays. The other day I found out there IS such a thing as Non-Verbal That’s What She Said. It involved a half-eye roll, quarter eyebrow raise, and a slight squint. Mix all those together you have a Non-Verbal That’s What She Said. This can be used for those moments when your mouth is full (that’s-what-she-said) or you are in a no-talking environment (such as the library or one of those commuter buses to the suburbs.) Start practicing NOW!

As God is my witness, next year everyone’s getting gift cards!
Yesterday I used a precious day off to hit the stores and get some shopping done. It wasn’t horrible but I think my excursion to Menards scarred me. In case you don’t know, Menards is a Home Depot like place.

I did “save big money at Menards” but I also lost 20 minutes of my life by being lectured on drill bits and other useless stuff that I can guarantee I will NEVER use again. So thank you Hello My Name is Joe Menards, I am soooo glad I could help you feel needed. I guess I didn’t really need to put on a layer of lipgloss for Menards now did I?

I am only doing this because 99% of you will roll your eyes at me
David Cook’s birthday is today, so…
Happy Birthday David Cook

To all those of you who are rolling your eyes right now (*cough*Amy*cough*) – SUCK IT! (and…thatswhatshesaid)

St. Paul Shenanigans
Yesterday evening kicked off the Monday Night Happy Hour Crew Holiday Hoopla Extravaganza. It all started on a blustery cold Friday afternoon…
We decided to cross the river and head into the other Twin City, St. Paul.

Photographic Evidence

I don’t know who gave me a gun (of course it was attached to a video game)

You know how I feel about deer so this game made me giggle (and fight for my life)

Vegan J hearts us all

Clap on, clap off, the clapper
I kind of want a clapper. I don’t know what I would hook up to it but here are some ideas:
1. The radio
2. The space heater
3. The coffee machine
4. The blow-dryer
5. The toaster

Music of the day – Local Edition
Soul Asylum played at First Ave last night. I would be going in a heartbeat but it was the start of Monday Night Happy Hour Extravaganza Weekend Hoopla I was in St. Paul (random, I know.) This song of theirs is one of my favorites.

Soul Asylum – Misery

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