Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This is my winter song/December never felt so wrong/Cause you’re not where you belong/Inside my arms

Winter Meetings are upon us!
Let’s hope this brings us some good news and some baseball entertainment!

Here’s what I got for you today
Dennis “Boom Boom” Reyes declines Twins’ arbitration offer
This has potential denying us the sight of Dennis “Blue Plate Special” from meandering across the field to the mound.

Kaat, Olivia denied in Hall of Fame vote
They were close with 59.4% and 51.6% (respectively) but they need 75% to make it in. Now, maybe this is the Girl Blogger part of me but I really want to see Oliva in the Hall of Fame. (It would give my autographed ball a little more street-cred.)

Twins looking to sign Punto
Now, this specific topic causes a lot of drama around the baseball blogging world (well, Twins’ ones at least) because you either love him or hate him (hate is a strong word but it rhymes better.)

Mets on brink of signing K-Rod
The Mets get everything (well, not really.)

Non-baseball but no less important

My Concert Calendar (just to make ya’ll jealouz)
KDWB Jingle Ball (David Archuleta, Rihanna, TI, Chris Brown) – 12/15 (very tentative)

AC/DC (5th Row!) – 1/19
Scott Weiland – 1/31
Motley Crue – 2/18
Fleetwood Mac – 3/3
Katy Perry – 3/24

Christmas Spirit Attempt 2.9 - FAIL

Last night, in the hopes of finding the Christmas Spirit, Lucy, Stacy and I watched the old school Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town holiday show. (You know, the one with the freaky clay-mation stuff.)

My Review (in which I think I am witty and snarky):

* Well, the legend goes that Santa was an orphaned baby who found his way to be raised by the Kringle Family Elves (aka: mini-Santa Claus’.)
* They made toys for no reason because they didn’t have a way to deliver them.
* As their red-headed step/adopted child grewed up he thought of the genius idea of bringing the toys himself.
* The Eve before his great adventure the Kringle Family Elves (ironically, not a singing group) gave him a red suit coat just like theirs.
* Oh, and Santa’s Ho Ho Ho laugh is derived of barking seals. Yeah, fucking insane.
* Back on track…Kris Kringle (he took the family name) had to make it through the scary mountain area (in which television feeds my hatred of all things nature) and Winter Warlock (no, you may not call him Winter it is Mr. Warlock to you.)
* He passed through somehow (potty break so I missed it) and made it to SomberTown (aka: grey muted tones and no fun)
* Herr Burgermeistermeisterburger (drinking game!) decreed no toys in SomberTown
* Kris K delivered the toys, made goo-goo eyes at Jessica (aka: Mrs. Claus – saw that one coming from a mile away)
* Toys kept getting taken away so Kris K made a list, checked it twice, gave a lyrical lecture to Jessica to pass on to the kids and then kept delivering.
* One of the trips he ran into Winter Warlock and de-thawed his cold heart by giving Mr. Warlock a “Choo choo train.” WW had some trippy eye thing too and all was happy.
* The whole chimney thing came along because the doors were locked so Kris K had to break in via the chimney.
* The whole stocking thing came about because the poor kids of SomberTown only could wash stockings for fun and hang them above the chimney to dry.
* Oh, Kris K and Jessica were married in a field on Christmas Eve which now makes me want to say “Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Baby Jesus and Happy Anniversary Santa Claus!”
* It all was made better by a secret underground resistance dedicated to bring toys to the brats of SomberTown.
* Reindeer learned to fly by eating defunked magic golden corn kernels pilfered from Winter Warlock’s stash. As if we don’t have enough to fear about deer now we have to worry about magic corn!
* They all lived happily ever after. Kris K eventually grew a beard (to help throw the police off his scent due to a beardless photo being used in a Wanted poster) and his hair turned white. PHOTO

In conclusion, even I had a problem grasping that Santa Claus/Kris Kringle had a life before being the Santa Claus we know and love. Imagine being 3 years old and trying to figure that shit out. Spoooooky.

Whilst watching Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town

Kris K: Mr. Warlock, or may I call you winter?
Winter Warlock: No you may not. It is Mr. Warlock to you
Me (to Stacy): Do you think that is where Janet Jackson got her “Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty” saying from?

Music of the Day – New Music Edition
I have been pimping this song around all morning long!!! I can’t embed it because it is so new (yeah, that’s how fast I was on this one) but click the link below to hear the new song by Sara Bareilles (Love Song) and Ingrid Michaelson (The Way I Am.)

Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson – Winter Song

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Ann said...

Gotta love "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"! A must-see every season.
Thanks for the song!
I found a video link at popdirt.com