Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And I thought Oedipus, Oedipus, Oedipus, Oedipus/thirty two’s still a goddamn number/thirty two still counts

Carl Pohlad 1915 - 2009
Now, we may not all have agreed with the way he ran our team but he was still the man behind the Minnesota Twins. Besides owning the Twins he did a lot of great things for the community. This news really hit my radar when I was at happy hour. Unfortunately no one in the Monday Night Happy Hour Crew follows baseball so I had to “phone a friend” (or in this case, text a friend.) Katie from Oh, It’s THOSE Girls and I exchanged a series of texts about this. (This included discussing the tribute video music for the Home-Opener. I suggested LL Cool J but after perusing through his track list I wasn’t able to find anything appropriate.)

Also, how the heck did I miss the hype around Twinsfest. I think I will stop by again this year. I just really enjoy the people watching. Anyone else out there going? Maybe a meet up? Pre-fest beer, during-fest beer, post-fest beer?

Non-baseball but no less important

Fly like an eagle
Foshay Tower basejump on YouTube: It’s Raining Fools

So, I actually heard about this yesterday when a friend was telling me that she saw it and met the actual basejumper himself (before he was arrested.) How did I miss this? I mean, it was early enough in the day that I wasn’t drinking yet.

News video

**The W Hotel in the Foshay gets a big middle finger from us (the Monday Night Happy Hour Crew) for their lack of happy hour specials and the abundance of snotty workers.

She runs all over me
Here’s proof that I will basically let Lucy do whatever she wants. She wanted to give me another tattoo. Although I think it is sweet she wrote “MOM” I don’t think I want that for my next tattoo. (Thanks for the pics, Mel.)

Random commercial of the Day
Slap Chop with Vince (from the Sham Wow craze)
Ames sent me this video yesterday with strict instructions to pay particular attention to 0:55 when Vince claims “we’ll love his nuts.”
You know you wanna see it! Click here.

Music of the Day
Regina Spektor – Oedipus

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Ann said...

I know! I know!
My hubby and I saw this commercial together, not completely paying attention, then we heard "we'll love his nuts." Heads up! What did he just say?!?
I think we're going to buy one. ;->