Monday, January 19, 2009

She was a fast machine/She kept her motor clean/She was the fastest damn woman that I ever seen

Head’s Up
Twins announce ticket changes for ’09 – single game tickets on sale March 7
This means that there will be no long lines at Twins Fest for purchasing tickets.

Kubel, Guerrier file for arbitration

Twins focus on relievers Brandon Lyon, Eric Gagne: Club pursuing relievers for setup role behind closer Nathan

Twist Fest
The schedule is up! Okay, who’s going when?

Non-baseball but no less important

For those about to rock, we salute you
Well, I am about to rock in approximately…7 hours. Tonight I will be heading to see AC/DC with an old co-worker (old as in former, not old as in a billion years old.) Not only am I going to be in the presence of Class Rock Royalty I will be in the 5th row. Yup, I finally scored sweet seats to a rock concert. I had been bitching and moaning to anyone who would listen that the closest I have been in a stadium concert was the American Idol concert. Now, don’t get me wrong...I loved the American Idol concert *cough*DavidCook*cough* but in order to have street-cred I needed a true Rock and Roll experience with floor seats. Tonight, I will be vindicated.

Speaking of David Cook
I don’t know what this says about me but I had a dream (nee, Nightmare) about a conflict of interest. I dreamt that David Cook had a concert in Minneapolis on the same night as the Minnesota Twins Home Opener. I am guessing that 99.9% of my blog readers are going: "What’s the problem? Obviously you would be going to the baseball game. I mean you have a freaking baseball blog.” Whilst, the other 5% scoff at the thought of choosing baseball over David Cook. What would I do?

Although…I do have a grand plan (or an evil plan) in motion to trick all my friends into going to the David Cook concert with me. I would say “Hey, do you want to go see Billy Idol?” They would all go “Yes, for sure. We loves us some Rebel Yell.” Then I would chuckle inside my head. When they realize that they are at a David Cook concert I would go “Booyah! I punked you Son! Ya’ll can suck it with your David Cook hatin’!” Yeah I think I carried it too far, even in my head. By the way, my friends are probably a lot smarter than I give them credit for so they would double check all facts before agreeing to go. Commie bastards.

Randomly Random
Look at the ice formation which was found in a window of the house?

Tee hee hee, I am giggling like a 12-year old boy right now

Music of the Day – Concert experience Edition
AC/DC – You shook me all night


- joe said...

Thanks for posting the news about tickets. Sucks they put this news out so late. My main reason for twinsfest is getting dibs on good Yankee tickets, looks like I have to wait.

Curveball said...

Risa and I were going to purchase tickets for all of our favorite Minnesota bloggers at TwinsFest. Now...nope!

Will you be buying beers on what day/night?