Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It’s time for you to prove/Within your ruby shoes/You deserve to smile with no regret/Look at you

Trading Block
Giambi reaches deal to reunite with A’s
Teixeira to the Yankees (and I grumble a little)

Guess who was listed as one of the Top 10 Female Baseball Bloggers on
Give up?

ME! Now, imagine me twirling around with jazz hands. That’s how excited I am.

Thanks to guest blogger on, Metsgrrl for listing me!

Top 10 Favorite Female Baseball Bloggers
Babes Love Baseball
Center Field
Church of Baseball
Her Rays!
Lipgloss & Baseball – MEEEE!
Marinerds, ect
Oh, it’s THOSE Girls Baseball Blog
Roar of the Tigers
We’ve Got Heart

I even get a badge! (It’s official, I am a dork)


January 23 – 25
I may be hitting this up this year – if for no other reason than to cause shenanigans with one of Those Girls.
Are you going? Maybe we need a meet-up or something… let’s brainstorm.

Music of the Day – as seen on TV
Since I slept almost all day long yesterday I wasn’t in any shape to be going to bed at a decent hour. I caught Erin McCarley on Letterman last night. A few different people have pointed her out to me but I think seeing her live (well, live-ish) sealed the deal.

Erin McCarley - Pony


- joe said...

Nice job making it to the top 10 female baseball blogs. I just started reading your, but cant wait to see what you do with it during the season.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...


I swear, I tend to blog about more actual baseball and a lot less gossip once the season starts.

Ann said...

Congratulations Jen!
You totally deserve this. (You even have me paying attention to baseball now!)
So, guess what? I DID post that damn Scott Weiland video "Paralysis" today. I hope this doesn't knock me out of the "moms-who-blog" club, or whatever. The embed code was so #@%$#! hard to find too!

Ann said...

(Pssst! Jen!
Since A.I. starts again tonight I just had to show a video of our boy David Cook. It's just for us. :-> )