Monday, September 10, 2007

Come on, come on, love me for the money/Come on, come on, listen to the moneytalk

Jon Heyman’s “Daily Scoop” centered on the Twins and the non-talking money

“Leavin’ Minnesota? Low offers may drive away Twins’ Hunter, Santana”

Seriously, this is starting to piss me the fuck off. Here are a few blurbs that got my baseball blood boiling.

They have a long history of being trouble free, good teammates and loyal to the core (although their loyalty is being used against them here with these stunningly low offers).

Pohlad, ranked by Forbes as the 107th richest man in America with an estimated $2.6 billion, has seen the value of his team rise by an estimated six times since buying the Twins for $44 million in 1984.

Pohlad for years also been baseball's tightest multibillionaire (also perhaps its only multibillionaire).

The Twins did well to sign star catcher and hometown hero Joe Mauer to a four-year deal this winter, but bids to extend Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan went nowhere.

I know, you have all heard it before…if Pohlad can run around buying jewelry stores, radio stations, contributing to political campaigns, yadda yadda yadda…why the hell can’t he put up a little more money in his investment? What is that saying that shopahoilcs always say to defend themselves when spending extravagantly? You gotta spend money to save money? Or, I guess it would be “You gotta spend money to earn even more money that you can roll around on in your million-acre McMansion.

This weekend in baseball
Friday – Lose by one (10-11)
Saturday – Lose by one (7-8)
Sunday – Win by Kubel’s homerun! (5-2)

Non-money ranting baseball topic: Ah, druggies. We all know one; we all have them in our lives somehow. However, if you are a professional baseball player is it really worth it? I guess you don’t have to answer that unless you are caught. I am just bringing this up because the top three headlines under Sports Illustrated MLB are Doping, Steroids and Accusations. There are few “pure” things left in the sporting world I would rather not have to hang my head ashamedly due to crazy drug issues. End public service announcement.

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Curveball said...

Yeah, yeah...the rich are rich for a reason. Jim Pohlad will build a $20 million home on the Lakes. I would think Daddy Carl would not approve. Who could this home potentially be sold to in the future...not many $20 million home buyers in the Twin Cities (except maybe Santana or Hunter if they play here long enough).

The killer is another artist warehouse goes under...the Ford building which borders the new stadium has been purchased by Carl Companies to make into high-end condos. I'm sure any inch of land that the family can find around the stadium will be purchased and developed with one thought in make the richer the richest.