Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It can’t be wrong / When it feels so right / ’Cause you / You light up my life

We all knew it would happen. We all knew that the Twins would play ball like they uses. That they would play ball like they used to and it wouldn’t matter because the playoff runs were over for us. Oh well, it was a great game anyways. It wasn’t a great game for the Rangers though…especially the shortstop Young. We all know it is exciting when the other team has an error but there’s a point where you are like “D’oh dude, what are you doing?” …as our player trots home for a run. Yeah, I caught most of the game but there were two kids in the house and I was an assistant babysitter and there was throwing up (not by me) and screaming (only partially from me.) Oye.

I am going to my final live game of the season tonight thanks to Third Base Line. I am excited to see what happens at our final game against the Rangers, chat with TBL and bust out my traditions and oddities/eccentric-ness one last time.

Hey Curlz, maybe I will see you at the game tonight. You and Curveball should try really hard to get on the Kiss Cam so I can point and say “Hey, I know them!”

PS: Nice to see that Silva is stepping up his game since his future with the Twins is uncertain right now. Yeah, maybe if he stepped up during a few more pivotal games earlier in the year his future wouldn’t be uncertain. Ah, why am I so mean to that man? Probably because my Silva-loving/Hunter-hater co-worker got me all riled up this morning. Oh, and I don’t think anyone was more shocked than I was to see him get out of that ugly moment in the sixth when he had the bases loaded. Whoa baby, color me shock ‘n awed.


Tricia said...

Have a great time at the game tonight.

Karleeee said...

I'm going too.
I'll be in the cheap seats causing a scene..haha jk.