Monday, September 24, 2007

What if no one's watching/What if when we're dead, we're just dead

What if it's just us down here/What if God ain't looking down/What if he's looking up instead - What If No One's Watching, Ani DiFranco

I know there is no crying in baseball but watching Torii leaving the field in the 9th to a standing ovation…I cried. Stacy Cried. Curlz (Risa) sent me a text that she was crying. Man, baseball is tough.

I missed a lot of the games due to circumstances outside of my control (social life) but I did catch what I could.
Friday, 9/21: L 4-6 (missed to due Ani DiFranco)
Saturday, 9/22: L 3-8 (missed due to the live action production of My Little Pony’s World’s Largest Freak show/Tea Party)
Sunday, 9/23: W 7-1 (watched whilst dozing on sofa)

Tonight Hi Ho Silva takes the mound. It isn’t a secret that I have been anti-Silva most of this season but I always reserve judgment one more game…so we’ll see how he does tonight.

Seven games left.


Curveball said...

Okay, you cried your tears out WHILE DOZING ON THE SOFA for a game that was in the afternoon? That morning sermon and Bible-study class must have been pretty boring to make you so lackluster.

You probably missed Torii playing kick-ball with a baseball in the outfield that turned into a triple. Or Torii getting a free walk to first base (thanks, Ozzie, for allowing Torii not to hit into a double play).

I looked around the stadium, including at red-eyed Curlz, and realize that Minnesota is the home of the hankie formerly known as homer. Now its to grab those big tears as Uncle Carl puts more and more money into that piggy bank that has no openings for withdrawals.

I'll miss Torii. But, seriously, doesn't Jason Tyner and Lew Ford look pretty good out there in center, too?

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I was dozing but always had one ear on the game, I swear! I did see him kick the ball away and watched as Ozzie walked him (whilst laughing in the dugout.)

I have a feeling if we don't make some big moves in the off-season there will be more tears coming into Spring Training.

I think the whole Torii thing is the straw that is breaking the fans backs. If he won't sign Torii can we expect him to use that money to get more talent on the team? The cynical side of me says "Me thinks not." Prove me wrong, Carl! Prove me wrong.