Thursday, September 20, 2007

When Baseball Bloggers Attack!

Well, we really didn’t attack or anything but we met-up.

Last night was a quadruple threat of the female baseball bloggers at the Dome. Besides myself there was Third Base Line, Curlz and Curveballs (although Curveballs is a boy) and Karleeee from OMG MN Twins.

I met up with Third Base Line to enjoy my last game of the season. I can safely say that she is as cool, witty, sarcastic and basebally (I know it isn’t an actual word) in person as she projects in her blog. We talked of many things including baseball (shocker, eh), tattoos, pink jerseys, Mrs. Joe Mauer shirts, The Levelers (see, I remembered), vegetarian food, beer, more music, the wave, being granola, a smidge of politics and the fact Punto is batting .209.

Can I pick ‘em or what? Last night’s game was fantastic. There was mystery, intrigue, saves, wins, homeruns, my fave blue uniforms, jeering, mocking and it ended with a sweep. This series put the “fun” back into basefunball.

T-shirt of the game: A girl wearing a homemade “I’m Nuddy for Cuddy” t-shirt.

Dear Curlz/Risa,
I do forgive you for hanging up on me in order to take photos of Guerrier. I would really, really forgive you if you share photos and/or stories, especially of meeting with Barty (shallow, I know.)

Dear Amy,
I hope you enjoy your new office water glass that once held my Diet Coke. I felt that it was fate stepping in which provided me with a Morneausey cup. I think it is a sappy and fitting end to the season.


Anonymous said...

I'll cherish it FOREVER!!!!

Curveball said...

Joe Mauer. Five of us poor aging souls (neither school age and all not having to work on a fantastic Wednesday afternoon) watched the cars pull into the players lot. Unfortuantely, Johan, Mauer, Morneau and Silva park below and enter from the laoding dock, escaping the fans, or so it seems. One of the five yelled out "Mauer just pulled in" and the security guard was around the corner, having a smoke, so three of us leaped the fence, ran down the Halsey Hall/Loading Dock door, and hid in the shadows waiting for Mauer to pass by.

And he did pass by, waving us off, not wanting to jot his signature to three portly fans who just lumbered down two flights of stairs (and would have to go back up) as he limped past the garbage bins to the stadium.

Sigh. Would have been a day maker, fer sure!

Oh, and Curlz, before the game, got to watch Garza do his stretchy exercises right in front, eye-level perfect!

Karleeee said...

Next year.

Girls baseball blogger meet up.

Tricia said...

Karlee, I second that notion! sister's friend Darcy was at a bar in St. Paul, and the girl she was with freaked out. She said, it's Joe Mauer & Justin Morneau. Who? wondered Darcy. She didn't even recognize them! (The brat! Why does she get to meet them when she has no idea who they are?) Her friend had a camera, and Joe posed with Darcy and her friend. Perhaps in order to get Joe's attention you need to be a pretty 23 year old girl. (Justin didn't pose for the picture...not sure why.)

Karleeee said...

We're halfway there..
OOOOHHH oooohhhh we're livin on a praaayerrrrr..


Because Justin was busy taming a wild canadian moose. True story.