Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hold on loosely, but don’t let go/If you cling too tightly babe/you’re gonna loose control

Ah, baseball is addicting. Stacy called me yesterday morning to give me the scoop on Morneausey. You see, I was elbows deep in a dull-as-tombs spreadsheet (for work, of course) and hadn’t read the latest on So, Stacy knowing my addiction (and secretly loving it all as much as me) called to inform me that the Twins just signed a one-year deal with 2006 MVP Morneausey. Whew. The first thing out of my mouth was “One year? Only one year?” I guess beggars can’t be choosers. You see, I feel like I (well, the Twins organization) have given up enough for the start of 2008 season. What are two more years and 15 million dollars? Eh?

From John Heyman (CNN, Sports Illustrated)
The Twins have made it official on Kubel, Morneau…and Juan Rincon. The righthander has agreed to a one-year, $2.475 million deal to avoid arbitraton.
Rincon currently is closing for Lara during the winter league playoffs, and spent the early part of the offseason working out with Detroit masher Miguel Cabrera. He plans to work out with the same trainer right before heading to camp.
This may make you cringe but the Twins need Rincon. He should be motivated after posting a 5.13 ERA in 63 games last season. And they’ll need bullpen arms around in case Joe Nathan is dealt after Santana is dealt.
Yes, I think Santana will be dealt before camp opens. I have a trade thought involving the Mets that I’ll share with you over the weekend.

Used Music Store – You are what you listen to

I was cruising around the North East suburbs last night, in my old stomping grounds of Columbia Heights (Co-Ho) where I went to high school. I decided to stop off at Cheapo’s to peruse the Local and Modern Rock sections. I spent most of the time giggling and groaning over the selections and came to the conclusion that location does rule the used music market. In the Uptown Cheapo’s you find a wide variety of Modern Rock with a few “what the hell’s” throw in. Whereas in the CoHo you find two rows of Jessica Simpson, Backstreet Boys, Vitamin C, Nickelback, Staind, Creed, Puddle of Mudd, Poison and other similar artists. Where are the Arcade Fires, Kaiser Chiefs, The Shins?
When in Cheapo’s I sometimes find myself fucking around with their alphabetizing system. You see, I like to give props to my favorite bands and pull out a CD to put on the display. Now, before you go judging me, take in account I removed two Bow Wow, one Jessica Simpson, three (three!) James Blunts and one Marilyn Manson. I replaced them with Travis “Boy with No Name”, The Feeling “Twelve Stops and Home”, The Hives, The Frames and The Fratellis. So, I would like to say to the CoHo…You are welcome! Oh and stock up on some Romantica, 22-20’s and Sondre Lerche.
I did walk out with a Levellers album upon Nikii’s (Third Base Line) recommendation.

City Pages Concert Calendar

Maybe there is a lull in music news or concert announcements. After reading through 30+ pages of the City Pages paper I found the following concerts (new ones I haven’t already announced):
.38 Special with Zed Leppelin (cover band) – which I am contemplating
Lenny Kravitz
Hotel Café Tour 08 with Dan Wilson and Ingrid Michaelson
Jonas Brothers (their tour theme is “Your world is about to be rocked”)

Well, that’s not exciting at all (or a’tall)

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MG said...

jen, email me. i need to write something about the freaking santana situation and since i am apparently one of the few mets fans who actually paid attention to johan santana before this winter, it should be me.
i want to interview a twins fan :)