Saturday, January 26, 2008

It’s a wonderful night/You gotta take it from me/It’s a wonderful night/Come on and break it down

Here is my Top 10 Things That Happened Regarding Baseball (Top 10 TTHRB)

10. I got autographs from six rookies/minor league players that I will probably lose in the next day or so. (Sorry Curveball, that must make you shudder.) Maybe I’ll be a responsible autograph collector and put it somewhere safe.
9. Met up with Jolene (which doesn’t seem baseball-like) who was working at the booth next to where Mike Redmond was sitting. Jolene, thanks for prodding me to take his pic and not just stand there.
8. Told Those Girls where to drink in Minneapolis (hope they found a few good places)
7. TBL took me through the Rookie/Minor League/Down on the Farm (free) line twice and patiently explained the routine so I wouldn’t look too stupid. (Shout out to Denard Span for being super charming to everyone.)
6. Came to the realization that Kevin Slowey is cute! Amy has been telling me this since the beginning but I had just brushed her off.
5. Was shocked by the lack of pink Mrs. Joe Mauer t-shirts in the crowd (and a little saddened not to have them to mock.)
4. Ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the new stadium display (see you in 2010)
3. Listened to my co-worker (who doesn’t know shit about baseball, mind you) audition for the National Anthem contest thingy.
2. Bought Minnesota Twins (baseball) home opener tickets (see you at the dome on March 31, behind home plate, upper level, 30 breath-taking – literally – rows up.)
1. Had my first Dome Dog and Beer at the Metrodome for the 2008 season!

I made a mix to use for when I have to run tons of errands (and usually dread it.) Now before you start doubting my sanity, I know that a lot of these are the top songs I have been talking about the last week or so but…they are just that damn good!
Run the Damn Errands Mix
Carry On Up the Morning – Babyshambles
Delivery – Babyshambles
You Talk – Babyshambles
Intervention – Arcade Fire
Rootless Tree – Damien Rice (you all know I only like this song because of its use of the word “fuck”
Wonderful Night – Fatboy Slim
Walk Away – Franz Ferdinand
Baby Fratelli (acoustic from Budhill Singles) – Fratellis
Cigarello (acoustic from Budhill Singles) – Fratellis
You Held the World in Your Arms – Idlewild
She’s Crazy – The Kelly Family
My Doorbell – White Stripes
Dry Your Eyes – The Streets

Whoops, looks like I need a swear count: 4


Katie said...

Denard Span was nice? He was kind of a D-Bag last year. But that was when everyone thought he was the second-coming of christ and there was this huge line just for him. Maybe a crappy year down on the farm humbled him a bit.

I think that Denard Span looks like if Rondell White and Francisco Liriano had a baby. I made a graphic of that last year before Twinsfest.

I wonder if we passed you! We saw Mike Redmond at that booth. I just stood there and looked at him for a while and took a picture. Then he looked at us like he was thinking "Really? Why don't you just buy a damn shirt already?!" But I didn't WANT to buy a shirt because they are kind of ugly and I'll never wear it. Even if it does benefit the Wives organization and Mike Redmond is psychically willing me to do it.

We'll be a couple sections over from you, just as freaking high. Sec 223. Row F-ing high. Apparently EVERYONE wants to see Torii Hunter again.

Curlz said...

Man, I wrote a comment last night and it never posted. Damn blogger! Curveball got only about 90 autographs on Sunday, but over 100 on Friday. He's one of those freakishly organized graphers. It is fun to talk to them in line. We just got GA admission tickets for opening day...last year I had tickets like yours, and let me tell you, they don't call it "nosebleed section" for nothing. I suggest bathroom breaks before you head up and watch the beer consumption.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Katie - I kept thinking that everyone looked familiar. Maybe you saw me; I was the crazy looking girl with the darty eyes. Yeppers.

Yeah, Denard was chatty and friendly. Mind you, we had like a 26 second interaction so that may not be a lot to judge on.

Damn it for being up so high, makes me think twice about having "another beer."

I would have gladly done GA tickets but the group I go with can not commit to getting to the Dom earlier than the National Anthem. They always have to have "one more beer."
Hey...I am noticing a theme.

Jeff said...

"Dry Your Eyes": YES! I loooove The Streets so much it's a little embarrassing.