Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I’m spinning in circles I can’t stop/I thought it was over but it’s not/I’m in love/With a fool

Baseball – a la Twins Fest
It looks like I will be attending on Saturday. The stars have aligned right and I get to meet up with another (non baseball) friend that has a booth there. Who else is going to be there on Saturday?

Non-baseball but no less important
Laser Eyes
Just last week the episode of SNL with the Digital Short of “Laser Cats” aired. Now, in my own home I have a slightly modified version of a Laser Cat (singular.)
Notice Lucy and Mo-mo jumping on Lucy’s new trampoline

Boy, don’t those kids look like they are having a good time. They have no worries. Wait! What is that in the lower left corner? Oh no! It is Laser Cat!!!!
Yep, that’s my cat, the one that shoots lasers from her demonic eyes.

Because now this is my “thing” – Music
I know, I know, enough with The Feeling already!
So my super uber fantastically awesome top-ten band, The Feeling just posted some new songs on their
Myspace page and well…they are fantastic of course, but I think I am a little judgmental about the awesomeness of their first album (holy shit, did I not just channel the vocabulary of a 14-year old.) So, their first single, I Thought It Was Over (which I posted the video of a few weeks ago) has totally grown on me and I love it. Oh, and they finally launched their new site and it is very cool looking - The Feeling

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Katie said...

Those girls will be there Saturday! (AND Friday. AND Sunday.)

I cannot friggin' wait.