Monday, January 14, 2008

I tried to be like Grace Kelly/but her looks were too sad/So I tried a little Freddie/I’ve gone identity mad!

Part I - Baseball
To fest or not to fest, that is the question
The Twins fest is fast approaching and I am still debating whether to attend or not. I am not one for autographs or paraphernalia. However, I am one for people watching and making my twins wish list. I think it would only take a small smattering of begging to get Amy to attend with me, so that’s not the issue. Also, there are tons of awesome bloggers that are going to be there. Hmm…I still have time to Pro-Con.

Part II – Damn Cute Kids
Lil’ Lucy is a freaking, tiny replica of a stylish and sassy Olympic swimmer. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Check the photos out. I can’t wait to bring her to Ryan’s pool this summer and let her go crazy (whilst properly watched so she doesn’t drown or anything.)

Part III – Music, of course
Just put a few new songs on my iPod
Grace Kelly – Mika
One (U2 cover) – Johnny Cash
Phantom Limb – The Shins
Okay, what rock have I been under that I didn’t realize the awesomeness that is The Shins? These guys are fantastic!

Yours truly (that would be me) is securing a hot date with this man…

Yep, you may have guessed it, Tom-fucking-Jones!!!
Jealous? Well, you should be.

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Katie said...

Yeah, you totally have to go to Twins Fest.

We will peer pressure you into it.

I Promise.