Friday, January 4, 2008

What’s this feeling? / My love will rip a hole through the ceiling

Music Quiz thing floating around the blogs
List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now.

1. First Day of my Life – Bright Eyes
2. King without a Crown - Matisyahu
3. Goodnight and Goodbye – Jonas Brothers (don’t even ask)
4. Keep Your Hands to Yourself – Georgia Satellites
5. Devil in Me – 22-20’s
6. Fiona - Romantica
7. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

MLB Headlines
· Nick Swisher (Oakland A’s) traded to Chicago White Sox for three prospects.
· Clemens crying on 60 Minutes will air on Sunday at 6:30. I will probably watch just for the sake of it.

Heyman’s (who I love/hate) 2007 Winners and Losers
For the actual article and not my loose interpretation click here.

· George Mitchell – steroid investigator
· Bud Selig – commissioner
· Jimmy Rolins – Phillies SS, NL MVP
· Theo Epstein – Red Sox GM
· Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas – Blue Jays DH, role model
· C.C. Sabathia – Indians P, CY Young
· Josh Hamilton – Rangers OF, recovering addict and comeback kid
· Hank Steinbrenner – Yankees General Partner and the Boss’ kid
· Jon Lester – Red Sox P, offered in Johan Santana trade
· Torii Hunter – Angels CF, just had best season with Twins
· Dontrelle WiIlis – Tigers P, leaving behind lackluster Marlin’s
· Troy Tulowitzki – Rockies SS, compared to Jeter
· Joba Chamberlain – Yankees P, evidently they made Rules for him
· David Soares – Albany D.A., going after steroid users
· Matt Holliday – Rockies OF, big numbers
· Dustin Pedroia – Red Sox 2B, fight for spot
· Magglio Ordonez – Tigers OF, always a great player
· Jorge Posada – Yankees C, consistently great (even at 36)
· Ryan Braun – Brewers 3B, exceeded 1.000
· Pedro Martinez – Mets P, recovered and got 3,000th strikeout
· Tom Glavine – Braves P, won 300th games at a Met
· Prince Fielder – Brewers 1B, youngest player to hit 50 homeruns, albeit having a hissy fit regarding dad
· Dan O’Dowd – Rockies GM, got his team moving up
· Fausto Carmona – Indians P, moved from closer to starter
· Dave Dombrowski – Tigers GM, smart trading
· Joe Girardi – Yankees GM, beat out Mattingly for dream job
· A-Rod – Yankees 3B, no need to fill in this spot
· Scott Boras – Agent, made a cool $15 million off of A-Rod
· Ichiro – Mariners CF, inside-the-park homerun at the All-Star game
· Joe Torre – Dodgers GM, left the Bronx Bombers for the west coast
· Rick Ankiel – Cardinals OF, lots of drama and still came through
· Trey Hillman – Royals GM, new manager
· Tony Reagins – Angels GM, new manager
· Troy Percival – Rays P, came back from retirement
· Brandom Webb – Diamondbacks P, 42-inning scoreless streak
· Carlos Silva – Mariners P, hee hee, turned a solidly mediocre season into a big contract
· Ed Wade – Astros GM, new manager with a little laughingstock thrown in
· Mark Buehrle – White Sox P, no hitter and big contract
· Daisuke Matsuzaka – Red Sox P, big money for being on a big team
· Mark Teixeira – Braves 1B, made the trade work
· Sammy Sosa – ex-Rangers OF/DH, 600th home run out of retirement
· Randy Levine – Yankees President, I am kind of sick of all the Yankee stuff
· Jose Guillen – Royals OF, called out for steroids but still made a good deal
· Jeffrey Loria – Marlins Owner, channeling Pohlad with tight budget but lots of cash in wallet
· Craig Biggio – newly retired Astors 2B, 3,000 hits
· Jim Thome – White Sox DH, 500th homerun
· Luis Castillo – Mets 2B, Achy man with $25 million over 4 years
· JJ Putz – Mariners P, solid except for brief moment in All-Star game
· Rusty Hardin – Huston Attorney, defending Clemens

Losers (or non-winners)
· Clemens – ex Yankees P, need I say more?
· Bonds – ex Giants OF, set records but may be a sham
· Jason Giambi – Yankees DH, sad
· Twins Fans – yep, we made the list. We have lost a lot except the new stadium
· Houston Astros – Tejada is making a mockery
· Tejada – Astros SS, steroid all over the place
· Bobby Cox – Braves GM, a lot of game ejections with little wins
· Scott Rolen – Cardinals 3B, fighting with his GM La Russa
· Tony La Russa – Cardinals GM, bad year plus an embarrassing DWI tape
· Levinson Brothers – 11 clients on the Mitchell Report
· New York Mets – a sad end of the season
· Omar Minaya – Mets GM, trading errors
· Don Fehr – Players Union Chief, admitted that maybe the union was slow to stop steroids
· Jermaine Dye – White Sox OF, bad season
· Andruw Jones – Dodgers CF, lost some money because of bad year
· Eric Gagne – Brewers P, evidently didn’t ear World Series ring and made a showing on the Mitchell Report
· Trevor Hoffman – Padres P, let the Wild Card go to the Rockies
· Mark Prior – Padres P, should retire
· Jay Gibbons – Orioles OF, 15-game suspension with a pasat
· Paul Lo Duca – Nationals C, Mitchell Report and fierce temper
· David Eckstein – Blue Jays SS, wanted a lot more than he was worth
· Paul Byrd – Indians P, laughingstock
· Gary Matthews Jr – Angels OF, claimed to buy the ‘roids but didn’t take it
· Mike Cameron – ex Padres OF, in big trouble mister
· Lenny Dykstra – retired Mets/Phillies OF, blatant ‘roid use cheapens the denials of the rest

Note that there are no Minnesota Twins on the Winners list...however, there are three 2007 team members on the list that are no longer with the MN Twins. Lovely.

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Katie said...

I hate being on the Loser list.

But if we have to be there, I'm glad we drug Paul Byrd with us. I KNEW there was a reason I didn't like that sneaky little bastard.