Thursday, January 10, 2008

In a coffee shop in a city/which is every coffee shop/in every city/on a day which is every day

I may be taking the leap
I have received a very tempting offer to go in on a 20-game pack for Twins season tickets. I am thinking about it but I am a little leery of such a commitment. This, coming from a gal who goes to about 40 games a year, I know. There are people out there telling me not to do it, especially with all these new players. I think it would be a great time to commit to the Twins. All I have to do it make the decision in my head and then talk Amy into joining me.

Since baseball is in hibernation let’s talk music!
Concerts I am interested in attending
The Hives @ First Ave – February 28
Mika @ First Ave – February 6
The New York Dolls @ Fine Line – February 24
TNT (AC/DC tribute band) @ sketchy sports bar – January 26

Concerts I am attending
Foo Fighters @ Target Center – February 27
Romantica, Alarmist @ First Ave – January 15
I really want to bring Lucy to see that band we caught at the Midtown Global Market. They are playing at a coffee shop later this month.

Podcasts – once to start you can’t stop
Seriously, I am addicted to finding new podcasts. My local NPR affiliate, MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) has a rock station called 89.3 The Current (sorry, lots of back story there.) Anyways, they have a new podcast called Facemelter! Here is the description:
The Current is proud to launch its newest podcast Facemelter. Every week, Facemelter hosts Jill Riley and Brett Baldwin talk about the guitar solos that are so awesome, they melt your face.
You can check it out here:

Our own not-so-Little Plastic Castle
Great, now I just put a song in my own head – Little Plastic Castles by Ani Difranco
Once upon a time in a castle, in our living room there lived a damn cute little girl…

You aren’t seeing things. There is a castle in the middle of the living room. The strange thing is it’s not that obtrusive. I can put my feet on the ledge, cram myself inside for a moment of peace and it really warms the place up.


shannon kocon said...

I picked up a magazine, which is every magazine, I read a story and I forgot it right away....

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

They say goldfish have no memory
I guess their lives are much like mine
The little plastic castle
Is a surprise every time.

Great song, eh? Got to love a little Ani on a boring Thursday.

KreativeMix said...

Love the pics!!!!

PumpkinGirl said...

I have a living room, which is every parent's living room, which is full of toys...

That's a pretty sweet castle. I hope the cat is being properly traumatized by being "gently guided" down that slide!