Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I could get a broken jaw from being in a fight/I know its evening when day turns to night

I don’t have anything new to share. A lot of the other blogs are saying exactly what I am feeling, but much more articulate.

Dear Everyone in my Office,
Swear. To. God. If one more of “youse peoples” come up to me and say “Hee hee, what about that Santana trade, eh?” I will head butt you in the chest. Don’t test me. To quote one of our irate clients “Go to hell and stay there you bitch!” Okay, that was a little extreme but I was just looking for a way to incorporate that quote in my blog today!

Once upon a time, about 18 years ago I was riding in a Dodge Horizon with Stacy heading up to her parents cabin. I was just a young lass of 10 years old. This was the first time I heard The Proclaimers and their album “Sunshine on Leith” on cassette. Last night I relieved the memory (from the comfort of my living room” and bought the album on iTunes. After a ten year lapse in listening to their music all the words came back to me and I can now rock out again!!!
The Proclaimers

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