Friday, June 6, 2008

But I’m a creep/I’m a weirdo/What the hell am I doin’ here?/I don’t belong here

Well, that was awkward
I didn’t get to see the game yesterday (damn work) but I sure read/heard all about it later in the evening. Twice this year we have used or attempted to use a pitcher to bat (in a non-National league) game. Kevin Slowey ran the bases yesterday because we didn’t have any good options available. How do we get ourselves into that position? Oh yeah, the Lucky Number 13 pitchers. I am not the first (and won’t be the last) to say we have a few we can send down. Hells bells, if they want an itemized list I believe there are a few of us bloggers that could contribute. Maybe could run a new poll on their site:

Which Pitcher Should Be Sent Down?
Juan Rincon
Juan Rincon
Juan Rincon
Victoria Beckham


So, we lost. I got it. Let’s move on. Right now our boys are in Chi-town starting against the White Sox. I am both anxious and excited about this series. We always get good old fashioned baseball fun when we rumble with the Jets White Sox. Man, I haven’t been to a game in a long time. The next one on my schedule is Saturday, June 21. That’s still a week and half away.

Hey! I haven't done this in a while
Swear Count: 5 (sorry, for some reason today I was very potty-mouthed

Non-baseball but no less important

Hello coffee my old friend,
Yesterday the necessity for life-blood coffee won out over reviewing a presentation for a meeting. I did what every America-loving, red-blooded, tried and true coffee drinker does…I prioritized. Yesterday I had about 15 minutes before jumping on a conference call and trying to impress the Powers that Be. Instead of looking over my notes I remembered that the household was out of coffee beans and that was more important that being prepared for my job. Duh. Anyways…I ran up to My Starbucks and was pleasantly surprised to see my Coffee Crush was working behind the counter. Damn it, why didn’t I freshen up my lip-gloss? Was my hair okay? Oh, for fuck’s sake…why do I bother?
Yep, those were the shallow/sublime thoughts running through my brain.
So, I bought a package of coffee and appropriately giggled when he scooped the beans in the bag and then signed the package under “Scooped by”. Yep, my Coffee Crush’s name is Joel and I am a dork.

Tattoo (and no not the guy from Fantasy Island)
I think I have finally decided on the tattoo I want. It has been a long (and obsessive-compulsive) road that led to this point. So, here’s the crude drawing of what I want to get. Now, imagine the design in black and white and a red star in the middle of Africa (right over Ethiopia.) So, now we all just have to wait and see when I can get it. (I have to work around my Monday Night Happy Hour Crews schedule.)

Music of the Day
You know how much I love swearing (I hearts me swears) so even if the following song wasn’t a fucking (see?) masterpiece musically, compositionally, lyrically it would reach me on a very low, potty mouth level. So, with that very ineloquent introduction I give you Radiohead’s “Creep” a la cover-versions!

David Cook - Creep
Oh man, you guys are too good to me! You may have noticed that I have a massive small crush on David Cook. Damn you, television! Anyways, one of my blog readers sent me the link below. David f-ing Cook singing “Creep”! Seriously! He sings, he’s smoking hot and he swears! Win-win.

Richard Cheese - Creep
This version makes me chuckle, that evil chuckle that makes people nervous. I envision this song to be used during a movie killing scene. Just think when you are listening and picture an ax-wielding homicidal maniac gleefully hacking something (insert: someone) apart.

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