Friday, June 27, 2008

I was waiting/For the day you’d come around/I was chasing/And nothing was all I found

9 Straightup tell me/do you really want to love me forever
I didn’t see the game yesterday since I don’t control the televisions in the Land O’Cubicles and the guys who do decided Women Golfers were more exciting. Yeah…right.

The Twins have gained six games on the AL Central-leading
Chicago White Sox during this round of interleague play. The Twins have outscored their opponents 56-19 during the nine-game winning streak, and their starters are 8-0 with a 2.17 ERA. It's their longest winning streak since taking 11 straight from June 22-July 3, 2006.

Waiting for tonight, oh/When you would be here in my arms
I will be…
In attendance of tonight’s game (in between a bar crawl) along with Amy and out-of-state visitor.
Singing “Blackburn singing in the dead of night/take these broken wings and learn to fly”
Pissing Amy off with my singing
Pleasantly tipsy
Hoping to post a blog that says 10 Straight.

Non baseball but no less important

Last songs played on my iPod (no laughing/judging/mocking)
I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry
Pretty Young Thing – Michael Jackson
Thriller – Michael Jackson
Purple Rain – Prince
Feels Like Tonight – Daughtry
Mr. Tambourine Man – Jason Castro
Mistress Mabel – Fratellis
Violet Hill – Coldplay

Everybody’s working for the weekend
This weekend is going to be so busy (story of my life) but also very fun. Shall we take a look?
Friday – I will be pushing down my cubicle walls promptly at 4:00 p.m. so I can join some friends for a round of 3-4-1’s (that would be three drinks for the price of one.) Then I have to head to the Dome for to watch the Minnesota Twins clobber (cross fingers) the Brewers. After that I have to hall-ass to the Gay 90’s to join up with the Already In Progress Bar Crawl. There will be drag queens and dancing.
Saturday – Stop by and see me in Loring Park. I am volunteering through my office (Land O’Cubicles) to work at their booth in the Minnesota Pride Festival. I will be the pasty white, redhead, hungover chick handing out balloons. After that we are heading for drinks/celebration.
Sunday – The Monday Night Happy Hour Crew will be attempting to dry-out (from the alcohol) by Ryan’s pool. However, knowing how we are there will probably be Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.

So, if you don’t hear from me Monday morning you know I over-did it.

You don’t have to point it out; I already know I have a problem
Local gossip columnist CJ is feeding my love of David Cook. Her article earlier this week touches on a local newscasters run in with David Cook.
Taking a walk in an Idol’s five o’clock shadow

Music of the Day
Crow Pie Edition. I am officially eating crow today by posting a music video from Daughtry. Now, before anyone starts shouting at me I want to clarify with a little story. Flash back to last summer. I am riding in a tiny rental card with Foley, cruising the roads between Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. Every single radio station we scan through is playing Daughtry – all day long. I reached a breaking point. (Don’t even get me started on when Foley would sing Daughtry songs the rest of the time.) I declared the rest of the trip (and my life) Daughtry-Free. Alas, I don’t always know what’s best. Last night I heard “Feels Like Tonight” on the radio and I had to call Foley and apologize. There, the planets can align again.

Daughtry – Feels Like Tonight
Music video link

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