Monday, June 30, 2008

Well it ain’t about the money/Its all about your lies/Its all about the fact you’re leaving me high & dry

What a weekend for baseball
I, along with the rest of the state, is sad that we couldn’t keep our streak alive. Hells bells, I will take the 10-game streak…it gave us good publicity.

Friday Fight Club
I was at the game on Friday but only part-time. You see, I was in the midst of a bar crawl so I had to divide my time amongst the drunken crawlers and the drunken ball-ers (see me rhyme.) After spending two hours enjoying the 3-4-1’s at the first bar I headed to the Dome with Amy and her out-of-town co-worker, Melty. This would be his very first game in the Metrodome so we wanted to show off for him. Alas, I never knew that some of the Brewers fans could be so brutal/obnoxious/rude. I mean, even the Yankee fans aren’t that bad. (What. Did. I. Just. Type?)

Here are some photos:

Amy and Melty
Marney! See, I think we are destined to be BFFs!

A few tidbits
* Slowey has a shut-out on Sunday!
* Poor Those Girls, according the text messages I received they had a crap game on Saturday. I was also heavily under the influence of Vodka Tonics so I may have sent some strange messages back…I apologize.

Non-baseball but no less important

This was one Mother F-ing crazy weekend so I give you…BULLET POINTS!

* 3-4-1’s (three drinks for the price of one) of Vodka Tonics
* Run to the Metrodome to watch a little baseball
* Run back to the Gay 90’s club for the drag show and dancing
* Hanging with RuPaul (He was judging the drag show and then came dancing with us)
* Dance to “Come on Eileen”
* Stumble home to sleep.

* Work at the Land O’Cubicles booth at the Pride Festival.
* Hand out balloons and sing along to dance music in the park
* Head to Joe’s Garage for drinks and eats
* Home again, home again…jiggity jig.

* Ryan’s pool party
* Lay by pool listening to Top 40 music (no more Danity Kane, please!)

* Working in a cubicle sucks.

The gaps can best be filled in by photos. Alas, no photos of RuPaul because cameras weren’t allowed in the clubs.

I got a safe sex kit from a drag queen

Ah, pool lounging

Music of the Day
I love that people pass along new music for me to check out! I got the recommendation below from a baseball blogger. (Thanks James!) These guys rock! I am definitely checking out more of their tunes!

The Zutons – Always Right Behind You


James said...

if you need the albums, I can hook ya up


PumpkinGirl said...

Hi Jen! Just wanted to say I'm here lurking!