Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let’s dance to Joy Division/Celebrate the irony/Everything is going wrong/But we’re so happy

As I type this the Twins just had some action in Cleveland Rocks:
Baby Jesus walked
Morneausey doubled to score Go-Go and Baby J
Cuddy doubled to score Morneausey
Kubel got a homerun
Twins ended a five-run third inning.
That-a-way boys!

About Last Night (hey, I like that title so I am sticking with it, no matter how cliché it sounds)
Under-whelmed. Yep, that was how last night made me feel. Alas, I didn’t see most of the game since I was having a girl moment at the hair salon. (The Uptown salon I go to doesn’t even hesitate before saying “No baseball.”) Let’s see…

* Last night was particularly painful. We had all the ingredients for a big Win cake but someone forgot to turn the oven on.
* Last night was like playing Rock, Paper, Scissors against a drunk guy. You know, you think you will win but then find out that he is a two-time National RPS winner.
* Last night reminded me of that time I decided to splurge on a big, fancy coffee drink only to find out that they don’t allow outside beverages at the training I went to. I had to drink as fast as I could but still had to throw most of it away.
* Last night conjured images of camping out for U2 tickets with a friend only to find out she doesn’t really like U2.

In closing…
Yes, I was disappointed but I can’t be too mad since…
* It isn’t my ass out on the field playing
* I am not a player reading all the bad stats from ESPN/Sports Illustrated
* It’s not me sitting in the dugout/clubhouse frustrated

Bow down in the presence of greatness
Okay, that was a little egotistical but I was just listening to Kanye West’s song “Stronger” and that’s a line from it. That makes it better, right?
This humble (and often trashy) blog is highlighted at Out of Write Field as the Featured Blog.

Non-baseball but no less important

Monday Night Happy Hour and Tuesday Morning Hangovers
Yeah…you would think a girl would get used to that pounding headache and ashtray tasting mouth. Nope. After a year of hanging with my Monday Night Happy Hour Crew I am still thrilled with our topics of conversation and I still hurt Tuesday mornings. Last night we switched up the celebrations and headed to Rudolph’s Barbeque in Uptown. It is located on the corner of Franklin Ave and Lyndale Ave, which blends a few different worlds…trendy Uptown hipsters, sketchy druggies, random homeless people and scared suburbanites. We sat outside and enjoyed the first bit of warm sunshine (I have a pink nose.) We drank beers with lime and margaritas with salt. We ate chips and salsa and people watched. Oh, does squeezing lime juice in beer and margaritas count as a serving of fruit. I say yes but I think the Department of Health will say no. Bastards.

Never co-op shop after a couple drinks
Seriously, let this be a lesson. Just because it is right there and you feel a sudden urge to help the planet and be socially responsible does not mean you should walk through the doors of your neighborhood organic co-op. In fact, run. Run the other way. No matter how appetizing kiwis hand washed by virgins in the Andes Mountain sounds. No matter that you are craving that low calorie organic energy bars

Music of the Day
This song is freaking addicting. If you are ever in South Minneapolis on a nice, sunny day you may notice a little black Jeep Liberty cruising around with this song blaring. I am in high competition with the bass-thumping rap music. Hey, I could be blaring Dolly Parton but that would get my ass kicked. Thanks again to the fine-folk at iTunes for having it be the free download.

The Wombats – Let’s Dance to Joy Division


Ann said...

First off ***CRAP!*** I shouldn't have listened to this song so late at night! It's going to take a while to calm down. (I Like It!!)

Now, what exactly happened at that Co-op? I'm intrigued.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I know! I listen to that song over and over again in my car whilst tapping my hands against the steering wheel...I sure hope I don't deploy the airbag. If you like that beat you should check out Yelle's - A Cause Des Garcons:

Nick N. said...

My brother is a longtime bartender at Mortimers, right across the street from Rudolphs. Go in and ask for Jay, and let him know you're a blogger friend of Nick. Maybe he'll give you a free drink... or maybe he'll just laugh. I dunno.