Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here I am in the graveyard waiting for war/I’m here, I’m calling out your name/I’ve been here before

Hey, what’s the point of welcoming new blog readers (Eric & Jan) when you have to walk over to their desks and point it out to them? Oye.

Let’s get down to business
When I last left you I was bitching and moaning about the Yankees. Now we have two games with the Oh-ri-oh-ri-oles under our belt and fighting to win the series as I type.

About last night (cliché, I know)
I missed the first hour of the game due to cosmetic reasons, Lucy and I went and got our ears pierced. I got a third piercing in each ear whilst Lucy got her very first set of “holes in the head.” She was a trooper and just cried for a bit. It only took a ride on the carousel to make the world pain-free again. Anyways, enough about the girly shit, I got home in time to declare the game as “Classic Twins.” Everyone’s opinion on what is “Classic Twins” differs from one blogger to the next. My definition is: struggle, funny moments, fumbles/errors (from the other team), amazing opportunities played out and a few swear words thrown at the television set.
Yep, last night was classic.

And mooooving on
Baby Jesus hit his homerun. (Was it the power of Paul Bunyan or David Cook…we will never know.) Now only did he hit his first homerun he got his second yesterday plus a “Free Sample with Purchase” sac-fly.
Aw, shucks, "I've never seen that before, but I'll take it," Mauer said with a laugh. "It kind of helps out to have the fastest guy in baseball at second base."
Gomez has once again proved that he is both funny, fast and adorkable (non-baseball term, thankyouvermuch.) Now, let’s go harass someone else. Hmm…I am leaning towards our own Hot Tranny Mess, Rincon.

The big ticket question
Twins patient with struggling Rincon
Maybe I am not objective enough when it comes to baseball. Maybe I hold on to grudges. Maybe I expect more from people. Maybe baby. Whilst I read this article I let out about six “Duhs”, four “What the…” and one “Oh for Christ sake.” I double dog dare you to read this and be “patiently” objective. I guess I just can’t better myself with that.

I forgot to post the pictures I took at the Yankee game I went to with Stevie B. If I hear one comment about the picture of Baby Jesus’ ass I will come hunt you down. My seat was right in front of him, where was I supposed to look? The Kiss Cam?

Holy shit Batman! You guys (the readers) were on fire (en fuego) yesterday! I had seven comments! I “heart” it! So, if you all will bear with me a moment I want to address the comments.

Tricia (Twins Sisters),
Regarding margaritas - they just had the regular margarita over ice (with a salt rim.) It was located in the same little cart as the Corona beer people. I have seen the little Tikki hut near the front of the Dome (lower level, home plate.) Also, thanks for the great KC info on your blog!!!

Oh yeah! Cucumber infused vodka. It was both refreshing and crisp. Like drinking an alcohol soaked cucumber eye mask. I just checked out Blood Red Shoes and I love their sound! They remind me of the Ting Tings (which I think you know about.) You should check out Morning Bender, they opened for the Kooks. I have used their video as today’s MOD.

Awesome!!! I think we will just go to the Friday and Saturday games but I can’t wait! Do you have any words of wisdom or advice to pass along to an “away” newbie?

You can look at his eyes during the Gatorade commercials, only then. Sorry, thems the breaks Kid.

Music of the Day
The Morning Bender’s opened for The Kooks at the Fine Line show last week. They have a very Vampire Weekend-ish sound (which I love.)

Morning Bender – Waiting for War

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k-bro said...

When we go to KC, we're probably only going to the Fri and Sat games too (driving back Sun).

We're going with a huge group. On Fri, we're staying at the Sheridan on the Plaza, 'cuz several people in our group want to go bar hopping instead of going to the game (I'm probably going to try to do both). Then Sat, we're moving to the Sheridan Sports Complex, which is walking distance to the stadium. So depending on what you want to do, those are two fine hotel options.

If you get a chance, eat BBQ at the stadium (if you like BBQ). Both the big KC BBQ restaurants are there -- Gates and Arthurs. Good stuff. And the stadium beer is cold and good.

One thing I'm hoping to do is visit the Negro Leagues Hall of Fame. I've heard good things about it.

If I think of more, I'll let you know.