Thursday, June 19, 2008

If you wanted to be free/There’s one thing you need to know/And that’s you can’t count on me

About Last Night
Last night I was in attendance of the game. Amy and I were in our “usual” seats (Section 227, Row 4, Seats 15/16) and saw some of those “old familiar faces.” It was a great game to win but keeping my scorecard was boring up to the 7th Inning.
Here are my notes from the game (short but sweet):

* Twingo, Dollar Dogs and Marney – Oh my! All the stars aligned for a great game tonight!
* We won.
* Amy and I were about this <____> far from Marney Geller (from FSN network)

* I had a Dollar Dog.
* Amy played four cards of Twingo and we didn’t win. (Technically that’s not her fault.)
* I came to the conclusion that Marney and I could totally be friends. I mean, we are both left handed! Besides, I like the sassy way she handles Dick, Bert, Coom-dog and Anthony LaPanta. Me thinks me has a girl-crush!
* Slowey did well although we were confused when Gardy pulled him in the 6th to replace him with the (sometime unstable) The Crain.
* Go-go is still the most exciting thing to watch.
* I successfully bugged Amy by saying LoDuca's name a million times when he was up to bat. Low-duCa, LO-Duca, lo-DUca.

I am slowly getting back into baseball blogging. I have two more games coming up in the next week and I promise to have interesting things to write about. (I also have a busy social calendar so the “non-baseball” section will be hopping.)

Non-baseball but no less important

Wiggle or not to Wiggle, that is the question
It has been a long, long time since I have blogged about the F-ing (insert: fucking) Wiggles. You see, my tiny, itty bitty, sassy, precocious little Lucy (age 3) likes the Wiggles (or at least what she sees of them on that damn DVD she owns.) Whilst reading my weekly email announcement I saw that the F-ing Wiggles will be in my fair city of Minneapolis. Now, Lucy’s mom has already claimed that going to the show would make her mental. Alas, should I bite the bullet, suck up the ‘ttude and take one for the team to get tickets for Lucy? Will she care? Will my therapy bill be high?

Reality (TV) Bites
Stupid television. Since the baseball game ended early on Tuesday night I found myself watching the last half of America’s Got Talent. Whilst getting sucked into this show I came to the realization that I am an “unbeknown to me” reality TV Whore.
American Idol – Check (ah, David Cook)
America’s Got Talent – Check
Make me a Supermodel – Check
Celebrity Family Feud – Check (and it isn’t even on yet but I will be watching)
Celebrity Circus – Check (and yes, I am ashamed.)

Random Photo Time
Insert the theme to Star Wars here

I have no idea what this is about or why I took these pictures but the mini containers of ice cream had me giggling in the aisle of my local discount supermarket.

Music of the Day
Walk with me for a moment down memory lane. Okay, I am 15 years old and I have just bought my first CD which was purchased solely on a new musical taste. You see, besides New Kids on the Block, I never “found” my own music. The majority of my taste (or influence, if you will) has been pre-decided on up until that point. However, I heard Mr. Jones on the radio and loved the sound. I took the bus to my local Best Buy store and purchased “August and Everything After” which promptly had me falling in love with Counting Crows. Most of my musically-inclined friends think the Counting Crows are counted as a “sell-out” band but not me. So, when they released their new album “Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings” I bought it.

Counting Crows – You Can’t Count on Me

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Katie said...

I'm with you on still loving Counting Crows. I distinctly remember the first time I saw them, when they were the musical guests on SNL before anyone knew who they were. Adam Duritz wore a long-sleeved Cracker t-shirt, and I was completely in love with him, based almost solely on that fact alone. I later learned from Jay Mohr's SNL-days biography that they were last minute emergency musical replacements because some other band flaked out. One minute they were playing a club down the street, the next they're on national television. I love it.

I still count August and Everything After as one of my very favorite albums of all time. I don't want to marry Adam Duritz anymore though.