Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh I will not be ashamed/To walk the crowded streets alone in yesterdays outfit and cologne

So, is it wrong to post a blog today just because I saw a funny commercial and I want to share it with you? Don’t worry…I am sure I can find some “baseball” to write about.

How about them Twins, eh?
Friday @ White Sox: L, 6-10
Saturday @ White Sox: L, 2 -11
Sunday @ White Sox: L, 2-12
Monday @ White Sox: L 5-7

Well, we are coming off our fifth straight loss. Maybe it hurts so much because we were swept (nee SPANKED) by the White Sox. It is like playing Celebrity Password and getting stuck with George W Bush as your partner. (Sorry, I try to keep this blog politics-free but that one slipped through.)

Non-baseball but no less important
Well, to offset the poor baseball happening in our world here are some more funny (at least to me) photos.

Someone didn't know when to hold 'em or when to fold 'em
Whilst walking home from the bus yesterday I spotted the item below in a yard and had to take a picture. If you were driving on Park Ave and saw some redheaded freaking standing taking pictures of what would appear to be nothing…that was me.

Seriously! Who would throw The Gambler out? Maybe a girlfriend/boyfriend duo had a fight and she threw it out of the apartment window because it was a very important item. Yeah, that must be the reason!

Doe a Deer, a vicious, marauding deer
Okay, so that may not be the real lyrics Do-Re-Mi (from Sound of Music) but it should be! I was in the wilds of Wisconsin this morning and saw this creature standing off the side of the road. I braved my fears and stopped, rolled down my window and took a picture, then I high-tailed it out of there. I didn’t want its sharp little hooves come after me.

Crazy Cat Lady
It just happened to work out this way but I have pictures of my cat to share. Hey, they are funny. You better damn-well be laughing at them and not the fact that I am posting cat pictures. *shakes fist*

See? My cat has great taste! She loves David Cook too! (Hee hee hee, my goal is to use the “David Cook” tag on every blog entry.

Music of the Day
So, technically this isn’t a song but it has a song in it and it is hell-a funny. This is the commercial I was talking about at the start of the blog.

AMP Energy Drink Commercial – Walk of No Shame


James said...

It is like playing Celebrity Password and getting stuck with George W Bush as your partner.

If you made a Top 5 list, who would be 5 celebs that you would LOVE to have as your Password partner?

Katie said...

I'm glad other people love that ad as much as I do. It makes me feel less guilty.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

That's a tough's my first stab:
Top 5 Celebrity Password List
1. Johnny Depp – He is super smart, the only challenge would be getting him to agree to participate.
2. Al Franken - Well, he sure is funny and is good at improve.
3. Kristiana Amanpour – She knows everything and if she didn’t she would find it out right away
4. Ani DiFranco – she is very articulate and her speaking voice is so soothing.
There is a tie for the #5 spot which I call Solely for Eye-Candy Effect – Orlando Bloom and David Cook

What about the rest of you?

James said...

no order

1. Mark mcGrath. Yeah, the former Sugar Ray singer. Remember celebrity jeopardy? He rocked!

2. Betty White. Because you gotta have her!

3. Jon Stewart

4. Jack White. Because he is awesoem
5. eye candy slot

Baseball_Lipgloss said...


Oh man! I forgot about Jon Stewart! Either him or Colbert would be great except I may spend the whole time laughing.