Monday, July 30, 2007

And the rule of thumb don't apply on me / 'Cause the table are turning

Lyrics from “Trying to Pull Away” featured in the motion picture “Once”, written by Glen Hansard

I have been a horrible, HORRIBLE baseball blogger. Contrary to popular belief I haven’t been blogless due to the fact the Twins were having a rough patch. Actually, if you look close enough I have been so busy rumbling with the nay-sayers. It is a bit like Westside Story. I take the humble, downtrodden approach of the Jets whilst my statistics ridden joy-killing co-workers represent the Sharks. All I need is some whistling and skipping and we would be a Rogers & Hammerstein flick. You know, anytime I can use a musical reference is a good day.

Here we start a hot, muggy and sunny Monday morning. This week will be better since I haven’t imbibed in alcohol or have stayed out way past my bedtime. I am getting too old to recover quickly from one rock and roll night. *shakes head sadly* It was a good a good weekend for baseball, at least for the Twins. Saturday and Sunday chalked up two wins for us (and mayhaps quieted to doubters for a wee bit.) The best part of the wins? Seeing the players that are normally struggling, part-time players step up and deliver big plays (Leeew and Tyner.) I caught the tail end of the game on Saturday since I was out being “cultured” during daylight hours. Non-baseball: I ventured to Uptown (Minneapolis) to catch a “special showing” of this Irish music film called “Once.” They advertised a discussion after the film. I decided to be a brave little toaster and go solo (since my friends break into Baseball and Drinking categories, except Amy.) I arrived at the theater early and sat reading the local entertainment magazine. As the lights were dimming I glanced around and saw eight (8!) other people in the theater. I was slightly worried this would be the world’s lamest post-movie discussion. The movie was fantastic. If you like music, all music, then you should check out the movie or soundtrack. Needless to say I put on my thinking cap and came up with a few discussion and question topics for after the movie. *pats self on back* Back to baseball: Amy is in Wisconsin Dells enjoying waterslides and family time so I have been texting her updates during the weekend’s games. I got to sink into the sofa and watch the entire game on Sunday. It was a pleasure to get back into the line-up.

Stats are a necessary evil. Sometimes I get so involved in numbers that I feel like Rainman so I have to step out of that environment. This time of year normally drives me bonkers since it is all about “Will we make the playoffs? What is our standing in the Wildcard?” Seriously, every pitch, hit, run, ejection and pop-fly changes the numbers and my brain doesn’t have enough memory to deal with that. So, for a few more days I am going to take a break from the World O’Stats and enjoy good old fashioned baseball. One way I am managing that is another co-worker from Salt Lake City is in town this week and we are venturing to the Metrodome to watch the Twins take on the Kansas City Royals. Easy, you say? Oh no, earlier this season I said the same thing about the Nationals and I had to eat a lot of crow.

News Flash: Thursday is the official ground breaking of the new Twins stadium in the Warehouse District. I will probably attend if a.) the weather cooperates, b.) I can drag Amy with me and c.) they don’t make it into a circus.


Tricia said...

Good to read your new entry! It's sweet that Tyner hit his first HR ever, and that the Twins took 2 of 3 from the Indians. I don't think anybody would blame you for taking a break from blogging during the slump. It's hard to come up w/new ways to say, "They lost, but.." As for the Royals, I never, ever assume playing against them = an easy win. They must be playing pretty good baseball these days, because they've got lots 'o wins against the Tigers and the Red Sox.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

It is ridiculous how most of my energy has been verbally sparring with a handful of co-workers. Maybe I am too emotionally invested but I think it's a girl's prerogative to feel like that. Oh well, we have a new home-stand to cheer for.

Curlz said...

Your lack of blogging has been noticed! Glad you're back!!! It was rather hard to keep the blogging spirit alive during the games in Toronto. Joel & I are planning to go to the ground-breaking on Thursday, if life throws no complications our way. Going to tonight's Homerun porch seats.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hey, text me if you go to the ground breaking ceremony! Do you think I can bring a cooler of beer? I want to have the first beer on the new site (well, minus the homeless drunk people.)


Tricia said...

Aw, phooey. Just tell your fellow cubicle dwellers to take a hike! :-)