Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Its against the rules to give up the attempt and walk away" - Abandoning the Bases, page 111,Baseball Field Guide

Tigers 1, Twins 0
Sweet Baby Jesus, it is hot outside. Wait, it isn’t just hot – it is sticky, humid, gross and stifling. Besides that, we are in the middle of a big (and tough) home-stand. I was excited to hunker down in front of my television (in the air conditioning) to watch a little Battle of the American League Champs however, I forgot about dinner/drinks with friends. Of course these are non-baseball loving friends so I reluctantly went to Rossi’s basement bar to have wine and food. I was happy to see that there were a few televisions located around the square bar but the crazy Phoebe-like (from Friends) lady was singing jazz on the stage. She was very distracting while I was trying to drink, semi-listen to my friends and watch the game. It was a tough job and I finally had to give up. Once the wine started flowing I lost the ability to multi-task. Damn alcohol!

Giddy with school girl glee
Tonight I am “introducing the Twins” to a few new people. First, I have my co-workers from Salt Lake City in town. They don’t have a professional baseball team near them (I think California, Colorado or Arizona are the closest baseball states.) Not only do they get to see a great team (I may be a little biased) but they get to see a great match-up of Santana on the mound for the Twins against the reigning AL Champs, Detroit Tigers. Also, a handful of my local co-workers, who aren’t avid baseball fans, will also be joining us. I have the tough job of trying not to ignore my non-baseball co-workers and yet enjoy the game and talk “shop” with my baseball-knowledgeable co-workers. I may have to keep the beer consumption to a minimum in order to handle the job. If you happen to be at the game tonight stop on by and see me. I will be surrounded by confused looking people in the cheap seats nearest to Left Field. I will also be the one with crazy new highlights that I am trying to get over (I mean, these are serious gold highlights in my red hair…eek.)

Risa, I know you are going to be at the game tonight but you’ll probably be sitting in your Family Section seats. If you decide to go to the cheap seats stop by and save me!!!


Curlz said...

We are actually up in the air now about going tonight...I'll text you if we go. Any chance you're going to Baseball Unplugged? I think we're either going to tonight's game or Unplugged tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

These friends that you talk about... the "non-baseball loving friends"... you don't need friends like that. 'Nuff said.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

That's true...I only need baseball people. I think I secretly hope I can reform them to baseballism.

I won't be able to attend the Baseball Unplugged. I have a drinking event to attend (Happy Hour.) Let me know how it goes.