Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oompa Loompa dommpadee doo, I’ve got another puzzle for you

Okay, was it me or was the Homerun Derby a little boring? I mean, it was soooo slow. Maybe I felt that way because Morneausey only made it to the 1.5 round. The big winners are Vladimir Guerrero and T.C. The Bear (who won the mascot derby). By the way Gregg hates our mascot. He finds it does not represent the MN Twins very well. He would much rather have those beer twins (you know the blonde, stacked females) wrestling in a kiddy pool of jello. Man, sometimes he makes it too easy to mock him.

*Random note: Okay American League, why orange jerseys? I mean, only a few people can pull off the color blaze orange and most of them are hunting in Wisconsin. Let’s pick some nice neutral colors for the next All-Star game, okay?

Cubicle Baseball
Two of my co-workers from the Salt Lake City office are going to be in town next week. I am going to take them to a Twins game since it will be their first Major League game. I couldn’t imagine living where there is no major league baseball! We will be playing Detroit so it should be an added thrill. Oh, plus it is also Dollar Dog night and there is nothing better in this world than $1 hot dogs and Twingo.

Veruca Salt of Baseball
I am a very spoiled baseball fan this season. No only have I had great seats all around the dome thanks to my “connections” (which are non-mafia) but now I get a chance to experience the glitz and glamour of box seats. Yeah, I won’t be up close to the players but I have a less of a chance of getting smacked by a ball. Plus, free food, beer and a private restroom? Hell ya!

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