Monday, July 16, 2007

The MN Twins and 'Arry Potter (said in a high pitched, horrible British accent)

Not only did we sweep the A’s (which in itself is FANTASTIC) our starting pitchers did well…at least well enough for a Quality Start at a minimum.

I would like to compare the Twins to Harry Potter (or as Amy and I like to call it, ‘Arry Potta.) Are you scared? Well, you shouldn’t be! To the non-Harry Potter baseball fans please skip this entry and don’t hold it against me. I just saw the newest Harry Potter movie and I decided to share my nerdiness. By the way, I didn’t wear a costume to the movie so don’t even ask!

Here is how I would cast the characters:
Harry Potter – after much debate amongst the Land O’Cubicles (who love, love, love Joe Mauer) I would have to (with arm twisting and toothpicks in my eyes) pick Joe “Baby Jesus” Mauer as the savior of mankind, or the MN Twins.
Ron Weasley – Justin Morneausey! Isn’t he Baby Jesus’ best friend? At least that is what the newspapers and the Jimmy John’s commercials say.
Hermione Granger – Joe Nathan, he totally knows everything and can over-do it and stress you out a little but in the end he can solve the problem.
Albus Dumbledore – Santana, he is the rock!
Severus Snape – Silva, now I don’t mean anything bad by that. It is just that at this point in the game can we really trust Silva to be a “strong” starter?
Hagrid – Boof, again, not to be mean but Boof seems to have his ups and down. He is well meaning but sometimes he loses track of the point.
Luna Lovegood – Garza, he’s new and kind of spacey but I think he will settle down and be beneficial.
Voldemort – Carl Pohlad (Twins “owner”) Does this really need to be explained?

Okay, I kind of got bored with that theme.

Moving on
I bought a new baseball book. I finally decided I need to learn a lot of the fundamentals of baseball. I know the basics and I ask a lot of questions but can I really trust a drunken friend to give me the correct answer? I bought Baseball Field Guide by Dan Formosa and Paul Hamburger. I look forward to answering baseball’s riddles (with color illustrations.) I also bought two other books that along with my baseball book made the cashier look at me funny: Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter (chic-lit, I am a girl okay?) and Third Rail, the Poetry of Rock and Roll.


Curveball said...

Man, somewhere in Harry Potter beseball land has to be Patt-e-Cake Neshek who made a great witch during the rookie harassment series last season.

He would fit right into magic wand land.

MetsGrrl said...

I highly recommend The Cheater's Guide To Baseball. It's a horrible, horrible title for a great, highly readable book.

Tricia said...

Enjoy the game with your own-of-town co-workers on Wednesday. Have fun showing off Johan. May he be en fuego as usual.