Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rich Kid, Poor Kid

Santana and Safety – two words that mean the same thing. Man, it was a good game yesterday. I made sure I was available to watch most of it due to the fact I missed the last two. Since we lost those games (I won’t go into bitter filled details) I decided that I had to watch the game since maybe I was the missing factor. Isn’t baseball a fickle, superstition filled game? I got home in the third inning after spending the morning celebrating our countries independence at a snobby neighborhood parade in St. Paul. After watching, and being disappointed, I started drifting into the nap-zone. It was then in the 6th when I was slumbering on the sofa that Dick and Bert invaded my subconscious screaming about a homerun. I peeked and saw that Kubel made the 4-2 lead happen. Yeah Twins. I dozed a little more until the 9th when Dick and Bert again entered my thoughts yelling about another homerun, this time it was Luis Rodriguez (or Uis-Rod as Stacy calls him.) Twins won 6-2.

Whilst sitting in my grey carpeted cubicle wall this afternoon I received an email from Amy regarding the Yankees wanting to get their dirty little paws on our Ace (Santana) and Torii Hunter. What makes me most frustrated is that they feel entitled to get what they want (and by “they” I mean the Baseball Powers That Be.) That it is only a matter of time before they can use their big money to buy a player from us. It reminds me of the story of the Rich Kid and the Poor Kid. The Rich Kid can get anything he wants but he always ends up wanting whatever the Poor Kid has, just for the fact of it. Does anyone really think that the Yankees will be winners if they get Santana or Torii? Right now they have a handful of the best players on their team. The only thing that prevents them from being a Power House is the fact they are playing individually, not as a team. Any other team would jump (leap, pull hair, kick, bite, scratch) to get Jeter, A-Rod, Johnny Damon (maybe less now), The Rocket (say what you may), Chien-Ming Wang, Jorge Posada (my fave), The C’s (Cano and Cairo) and Matsui. I mean, these guys are America’s team, right? Why aren’t they winning everything? Either way, they can’t have our guys until our guys are good and ready to go. I hope that Pohlad really realizes that if he doesn’t pay the money for our top players, we too can end up like the Royals and the Reds.
So, this whole rant came from this lame article from the New York Daily News titled "Santana’s a money pitcher fit for the Bombers' bucks".
Here is a paragraph from the article that made me mad (I don’t even know why I let things like this get to me):
The poor Twins. They have a model franchise in many ways, drafting and developing talent as well as anyone in the majors, playing sound, fundamental baseball under Gardenhire, contending annually with a small-market budget.

Hey Yankees, hands off the merchandise.


MetsGrrl said...

NO NO NO!!! I want Santana in Queens!!

Torii's already made it clear he wants to go for the $$ - that's fine. But not Johan, they can't have him!!


The Lady said...

My guess is that the Yankees are no richer than the Twins. It's just that Steinbrenner is willing to spend money and Pohlad isn't. I heard that there was one year when Pohlad, instead of using his revenue share towards players (as it was meant for), he used it to give bonuses to his front office people.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...


I am sorry, you can't have him :)

The Lady,

Yeah, there is no love for Pohlad here. He is the richest owner and yet he puts up the least amount of $ for his team, damn him!