Saturday, July 14, 2007

Suh-weet, sweet Suite

Dear Fans in Section 113,
Please, for the love of the Baseball Gods, stop trying to start the wave. It should not take two hours to get people mildly interested in the wave then you should stop and move on. Chant, Woo Hoo, dance or whatever else…just stop going “1, 2, 3…” Wave.
Pissed off redhead fan in the sweet Suite seats

Well, last night was my big night at the game. Amy and I were going to view the game from sweet Suite seats. You may even say it was our Prom Baseball game. I debated what to wear and finally settled on normal “Casual Friday” cubicle clothes. However, I did brush my hair. All girly-ness aside…

The Suite
I am a Southside girl viewing the game from the Uptown world. We entered a world of free food (build your own nachos, burgers, hotdogs, The Carving Station, cookies and brownies) free beer, fancy bathrooms and big comfy leather seats. The only downside was the cameraman came into The Suite and was scanning our seats. Since our run-in with the Jumbo Screen last time we were at a game Amy refused to look to the right where he was standing. In fact, she even brushed her hair to cover her face and held up the “Joe Mauer – Hometown Hero” magazine in front of her face. Good news, we didn’t make the Jumbo Screen.

Open Question
What would your At Bat music be?
Amy thought my song would be “Come On Eileen” by Dexies Midnight Runners however; I would like to walk up to “Sympathy For The Devil” by Rolling Stones.
Please allow me to introduce myself / Im a man of wealth and taste / Ive been around for a long, long year / Stole many a mans soul and faith.
Wouldn’t that be bad-ass?
Amy didn’t answer the question but I would pick out “Ice Ice Baby” a la Vanilla Ice. Now, I know that Amy is totally pissed at that answer but I think it would be pretty cool.

Speaking of songs…has anyone else that has been to a Twins game heard the Twins rap song that has played in the background?

Twins won Thursday with Baker, Friday with Santana (no surprise) and even today with The Chief (Silva). Let’s go for a sweep of the A’s!


MG said...

I had the at-bat discussion last year, when I took a non-baseball gf to her first game. She is in a band and is all about great intros to songs. I decided my at-bat music would be "Even Better Than The Real Thing" by U2. Then again, i am an even bigger music dork than I am a baseball dork.

and JEALOUS at the suites. I think we're stylin' when I get to go to the Diamond Club at Shea, which, in reality, is a total dump compared to, say, the Diamond Club at Safeco (where a friend had his 40th birthday party).

Curveball said...

So, glass open or closed? You don't have to rotate the entire body to view the batter's box from a sweet suite, correct? Wow, food and personal bathroom (just hope no one did a, sweet smeel of Twins success...the sweet suites aren't that huge). Best part, I bet, is ability to stand and watch the game. Did you see us up in the Family Section? Usher there finally gave up on sneaking beer drinkers...too many coming over from the cheap seats and he ahd too many stairs to climb. Don't know if the "free" dog and soda is worth it...tummy is never the same.

Anonymous said...

Ice Ice Baby. That's what you come up with. I know that you like to make fun of the fact that I am from the small town America but that is cold. You totally know I'm more "Welcome to the Jungle." Amy

haasertime said...

my walk up music would be the intro to Billy Squire's 'In The Dark'

whats the rap song? if it's anything like the Vikings 'Bring the Horns' it has to be good.

if the Twins need a rap song to keep the young fans entertained, i think they should cover the Beastie Boys 'Johnny Ryall' except make it about TC the Bear.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I think anything by the Beastie Boys would be pretty bad ass. I think "Sure Shot" would be a good one.