Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why why why

Why didn’t we get a quality start from Boof? Is it because he has been having a sub-par month?

Why did the Rocket’s only good game have to be against us? One good game doth not make a great pitcher…especially when he gets paid an obscene amount of money to save the Yankees.

Why have I never watched the Homerun Derby before? Y’all know I will be parked in front of the television watching Morneausey represent (said in a ghetto accent.)

Why do the Yankees dominate every sports publication? The front of Sports Illustrated always headlines something to do with the Yankees. This morning? It was the Rocket’s Come Back to Beat the Crap Out of Those Twins. Bite me.

Why do we (and by “we” I mean most of the Twins fans) hate the Yankees? I defer back to my previous comment that it is the media and Big George that make us hate them. Jeter? I am sure he’s a great guy and any team would love to have him but first you would have to deprogram him. I really want to like them. No, seriously, I do. I don’t want to be the bitter old woman who bitches and moans about the team. And yet, here I find myself doing just that. (Although replace old with older-20’s.

Why do the Twins rate number 11 in John Donovan’s Power Ranking? Granted the Yankees are rated below us at number 17 but they actually are doing poorly. Here is what he had to say about us:

Who doesn’t like the Twins? They’ve got good pitching, or good enough to compete, anyways. They’ve got a scrappy, opportunistic lineup with some power (Torii Hunter and Justin Morneau). They have three All-Stars (those two and Johan Santana). But I wouldn’t take a bet they’ll be playing in October.

WTF? Seriously? You all know how I feel about calling us scrappy!!! (see irrational rant entry
here.) What about Mauer? Sure, he was on the DL for a bit but he’s coming back. What about Cuddyer? He’s making some serious plays. Do our pennants not say Champions 1987, 1991, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006? Whew, I got a little carried away there. Sorry.

To quote an obscure band that recorded a song titled “Why, why why”
Walking down the streets
You look into a dump
You look into a dump and you say
Why why why why why why
Tell me why ell me why
Tell me why you destroy
And you try and you try to destroy


Tricia said...

I'm sorry your fellow cubicle-dwellers are giving you attitude. I know there are sincere Yankees fans out there, but for some people, it's just the easy way out, since everyone's heard of Jeter and A Rod. I hope Silva pitches a fantastic game tonight. I hope Mr. MVP hits his 100th career homer tonight. Good grief, I'm starting to have quite the crush on him.

Anonymous said...

My co-worker Greg in SF has tickets to the Home Run Derby. He will be sitting behind the home plate so he won't be able to catch a ball but we might be able to see him on TV. I told him he should wear something that really stands out so that we can pick him out of the crowd but he frowned at my suggestion of bright pink. Whatever!


Baseball_Lipgloss said...


Tell Greg he should wear a Twins t-shirt and I would be able to spot him right away. Oh, and I would give him $10 if he wore a Joe "Baby Jesus" Mauer one.

Curlz said...

The Yankees are all about arrogance and self-righteousness. They've bought their position in baseball. I swear Yankee players make so much money they can pay someone to wipe their pretty asses. It bugs me so much because it goes against everything that is good about baseball--which I think Minnesota exemplifies. The Twins "develops" their players, not just buy them. There's a sense of community in the clubhouse. These guys are members of a TEAM, not a group of individual hotshots. Why do players like Hunter & Santana who could go almost any where and make more money want to stay with the Twins. Because they like being part of a team that plays to have fun and to win. Jeter may be a nice guy, but I still think he's a player. He relishes in his fame and fortune. I don't think he relishes in the whole team concept. Man, maybe I should blog about this shit.