Monday, July 9, 2007

What a fickle weekend of baseball!

Here is a short recap of the events:
Friday’s day game was one part exciting and one part depressing. I mean, we scored 20 runs but the other team scored 14. We won and that is what matters.
Friday’s evening game was a whole different story. Not only did we kick ass and take names, we sure looked good doing it. We won that game 12 – 0.
Saturday I was laying on the sofa in Grantsburg, Wisconsin (my gram’s house) watching us lose 1-3. Normally I dislike the national announcers because they are full of random crap. However during this game they were drooling over Bartlett (it was almost embarrassing how much they praised him), gushing over Boof (which isn’t as deserved as they made it seem) and saying that Gardy is one of the best managers in the league (which I believe too!) In the end it didn’t matter that our fan club was announcing us, we still lost.
Sunday was also painful. I didn’t watch any of the game since I went to a movie with Amy and Foley. The only reason Amy and I agreed to see a movie during game time is because Silva was pitching and he makes our hearts hurt. I guess Amy’s plan of wearing a Santana shirt to trick Silva into pitching great didn’t work. We lost that game 3-6.

I believe the guys over at Nick & Nick’s blog were accurate in quoting Paula Abdul…”Two steps forward and two steps back.”

This is Grandma's House
Well, enough with the scores already! Let’s talk about something funny…my grams. Now, some of you may know that I come from a baseball loving family, baseball is in my blood. It is normally dormant until I brought it out of hibernation. My grams raised her five kids in Bloomington next door to Tony Oliva. Now, the family as a whole doesn’t attend games together or talk the sports-talk. We just quietly carry on with our lives. Again, until I pointed out the elephant in the room. Stacy, contrary to her defensive stance, is hooked on the current Twins. She isn’t a new fan at all; she even skipped school to go to the World Series parade in ’87. However, now that she loses all rights to change the channel at game time, I believe she does enjoy it. My Uncle Larry likes to hunker down with the best of us to watch the game and eat peanuts from the comfort of the living room. Even my Mom and Dennis enjoy watching and attending games. The biggest surprise? My grams! I found out this weekend how much my gram gets into the game and knows about it also. Friday night she was staying at my place and watched the game with me. Not only was she yelling at the pitchers, umpires and defense. She was also telling the pitchers how to throw the “damn ball.” Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing my grams swear at the television during a baseball game. Saturday we watched the game on an old fashioned television console at her house in Grantsburg, Wisconsin. We got sucked into the game again. This time she had plenty of stuff to yell about.
Ah baseball, you bring my dysfunctional family together!

There are no jockeys in the Homerun Derby!
Well, tonight is the Homerun Derby and I will be watching. I have “seen” them in the past but have not got sucked in like this year. Go Morneausey!!! By the way, I am skipping my normal Monday Night Happy Hour event with friends in order to watch the game. I believe my ears are still burning from all the teasing they are doing. I guess I didn’t do a great job picking drinking friends since they don’t follow baseball. Oh well, I like to think I am diverse in my drinking partners.

Here is a picture I took of my grams. Don't be alarmed. She is just scaring off the squirrels with her b.b. gun. I don't know why but now I am singing "Granny's got a gun" to the tune of Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun."


Nick N. said...

That is the funniest picture I've ever seen.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I know! I took half a dozen pictures before she realized I was taking photos with my cell phone. I guess I know what is going in my Christmas cards this year :)