Thursday, July 19, 2007

Get mad, then get over it. - Colin Powell

That game made me mad. Seriously, mad!

Here are a few reasons:
* We looked like tee-ball players last night on ESPN. (Anyone who watched the Home Run Derby saw the guy do the tee ball contest for a million dollars and he totally choked.)
* Santana went out there and played. He played the hardest and didn’t give up. We all saw Gardy come out in the 8th to pull him but he went back to the dugout after a chat. Santana stayed and he got his job done. Seven strikeouts. Ahem, anyone else on the team want to give it a shot?
* Two times, TWO TIMES we had the bases loaded! And yet…?
* Four times, FOUR TIMES we left runners on third! And yet…?
* Three times, THREE TIMES we had the leadoff batter reach! And yet…?
* Morneausey and Baby Jesus were shut down by many different Detroit pitchers.
* We left 14 men on bases. 14!
* Neshek was awesome! My co-workers (from Salt Lake City) loved him! They were fascinated with his delivery, impressed with his speed and amused by his follow-through. Besides, he got out the only three batters in the 9th.
* We can try to absolve our sins by saying that Miller is the “Twins Killer,” that we haven’t had luck against him but the end result: We didn’t look like we tried too hard.
* It was so frustrating to watch.

Here is what was happening at the game but off the field:
* The prom kind and queen who were sitting in front of us (okay, they weren’t dressed up or anything but were definitely a young and in-love couple) spent the whole game taking pictures of themselves. I don’t mind the PDA (Public Display of Affection) but I am not a celeb so I am not used to the flash going off for three hours straight. Maybe they didn’t realize there was a game in front of them.
* Ah, Student Night, how you make me feel old. There were thousands upon thousands of teenagers and college kids at the game.
* That being said, there were dozens upon dozens of beach balls, paper airplanes and Dollar Dog wrappers being thrown down below.
* The ushers must hate student night. They spent the whole game popping beach balls and lecturing kids about the risks of giant airplanes lodging into skulls.
* To the fans that cheered when Craig Monroe was hurt in the 5th, you should be ashamed! (They weren’t cheering when he walked off the field, they were cheering when he was laying there waiting for help.)
* Also, to those drivers who get freaked out trying to leave the game, you probably shouldn’t park too close to the Metrodome. Same goes for people who don’t know how to edge out, not block the box or be a tiny bit aggressive.

Anyways, it may be girly, it may be childish, it may not be a tough balls-out way to say it but…my heart hurts, my head hurts and my pride hurts.

I wonder if there are any baseball anger management support groups for fans.


MetsGrrl said...

could. so. totally. be. the. mets.

it's embarassing.

there is a support group. it's called THE BAR. (i think i stole that from drew carey)

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I believe I may need to have a session with my support group tonight. Right now Los Tigres are kicking our butts. I hate day games during the work week. I can't concentrate on anything else!