Thursday, August 30, 2007

It’s just a heathen town / I hear only evil / As my tongue is tightened

I used to be god-fearing / Now I’m so frightened / Cause the devil will drag you under / By the sharp tailfin – Heathen Town, Elvis Costello

We try again to come back in the end but it is the early runs that haunt us. Santana gave up two homeruns and looked so frustrated and tired on the mound. Morneausey (sorry Amy) has just lost that loving feeling, whoa that lovin’ feeling. It seems every time there was a threat or a big moment it was Morneausey at the plate. I am not trying to pick on him (I have a 33 for MVP t-shirt and Lucy wears her jersey shirt all the time) but he is hurting for some hits right now. I don’t think anyone is more frustrated that Morneausey himself. Last night when he struck out I could see him swearing from centerfield (that is where the camera was recording.)

Fun news!Hey Curlz ( I saw you on TV last night!!! I was totally watching the FSN Post Game show and saw you in the crowd. First, that bouncy lady with the sign was blocking you and then that little girl in her daddy’s arms was in the way. I wanted to text you to shove your way up front but I couldn’t get to the phone in time.


Tricia said...

Justin has indeed lost that lovin' feeling, and it makes me sad. He is still totally my baseball boyfriend though.

Karleeee said...

Your baseball boyfriend is still better than my baseball boyfriend (Punto)

But he can catch that right there ball right quick over yonder. Yep.