Monday, August 6, 2007

What will my baseball muse do in the off season?

My baseball muse is gone. Where has she gone? Maybe I need to get to another game to find her. Mmm…beer and peanuts. I think I am all done with sitting in the cheap seats (GA) on Dollar Dog Night (also Half Price Student Night) because it is not fun. Don’t get me wrong; I “heart” the Dollar Dogs but I also “heart” not having to deal with sugar-hyped teenagers and cranky ushers.

Moooooving on
Baker rocked the free world yesterday! What a game. Now the other fans must realize how frustrating it is to lose by one run. How obnoxious it is when their offense can’t stay on base. We won on Saturday too even though Garza couldn’t hang in there. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay in there on Friday and get Santana a much needed win.

Let’s take an inventory
Castillo – Gone but to a good home with the Mets
Cirillo – Gone to AZ but not really going to do anything down there
Leeew Ford – Gone to minors
Did we get anything? Uh no, we did call up another minor league pitcher. Oh, good. I was worried we would try to get some big bats into our line-up. Whew, wouldn’t want to be mistaken with that. Note: today’s sarcasm is brought to you by the letter M, the number 7 and Pohlad’s stinginess.

In conclusion

To all you “They are out of it now.” “There is no way they can catch up.” “Guess they gave up on the season” fans (um, Geoff and company) I would like to say…4.5 games back. Do you still think we have cashed it in? (Yeah, to some of your points it doesn’t help that if we get to post-season and don’t have any necessary changes to our team it is going to be tough.)

Right, let’s clean up the Indians tonight and win the series. I will be on a barstool at Rossi’s pretending to listen to my friends chat whilst drinking wine and watching the game.


Katie said...

I totally dig your blog. Baseball girl Twins fans unite!

Sitting with the college students stopped being fun when I stopped being a college student (back in the day where we got lower level outfield seats instead!), I think. They are sort of amusing from a great distance, but I don't want to have to deal with them directly.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I think the best part of sitting in GA during Student Night is watching the usher (the young guy who stares people down) get pissed off. Ah, I will take my amusement however I can get it.

Katie said...

Yeah, some of those ushers are HARDCORE. I can't blame them though....