Thursday, August 16, 2007

When you’re applauding your fine mind / Darker corners come to shine

The quality control I run / The filters that I sue / What I’ve forgotten…is now forgotten
It’s Our Job – Sondre Lerche

So, Amy and I have this baseball relationship. Now, before you go “oh, girl talk” and skip on to another blog (maybe one filled with more stats) let me explain. We have this type of relationship where we know we are always aware of the game if it is on. Whether we are at dinner, the bar (mostly in my case), driving in the car or sitting at home in front of the television we are always available to chat on the phone about the game. Last night was a great example. At Torii’s Grand Slam I dialed her number. She didn’t even say hello she just went right into baseball talk. It is like we were at the game drinking beer and shelling peanuts. We don’t need greetings, niceties or cordial exchanges. We need baseball talk.

Moving on to less sappy but no less important topics
* Torii hit a Grand Slam. It was bound to happen. The Mariners tempted fate when they walked Baby Jesus to load the bases and get to Hunter not once but twice. Come on, we all know that pumps Torii up. (Let alone if you add in the drama with the home plate ump and an eeeejected Gardy.)
* Rondell White hit his first homerun of the season and Tommy Watkins got his first hit in the Majors.
* Come on Blue! What’s your deal? So what if Morneausey is channeling Bad Ass these days, all talking back to Umps and stuff. So what if Cuddy nailed the coffin door closed (even though no one knows what was really said) and exchanged some words with you after his swinging strike out. Those were totally old school playground antics happening at home plate. I kind of liked it.
* If I have to read one more article, blurb or quote about how Torii is using reverse psychology by saying “We stink” I am going to scream. I can just envision new t-shirts with that saying on them. Please note: I would probably buy one though, because I love that kind of stuff.

News You Probably Can’t Use
Twins sent Raymoan Ortiz to Colorado. So long, you seemed like such a nice guy…unlike that greasy Sidney Ponson. That is totally something my Grams would say.

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Andersklasen said...

Well, I'm glad that Ortiz is gone. It'll give both Ryan and Gardy a chance to view the future of the Minnesota Twins in Buscher, Casilla, Watkins, Moses, and others about to be called up.