Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And You Shall Go Forth and Eat Cupcakes

As I sit in my house watching baseball and doing a little web design I am too hot and lazy to cook anything so I am eating a cupcake for dinner. I ran out of soda and bottled water so I am drinking beer. Ah, beer and cupcakes I am glad I am grown up! By the way, orange cupcakes and Woodpecker Hard Cider are not a good mix. Ick.

Life is back on its axis. No, I haven’t forgiven the Castillo trade but I have moved on. Unless I have one gianormous bake sale and can raise a few million to purchase him back there’s nothing I can do.

On to tonight’s game:
What a fucking awesome second inning!!! (Remember: I be drinking the beers so I be swearing.) I was lucky enough to tune in just as Torii Hunter (He Who Shall Not Be Traded) cracked the bat for a homerun. I called Amy (and shocked her into flipping the game on) to do a victory game via the phone. As I tried to tell her a story (not baseball related) the Twins kept the game speeding by so it took me about 20 minutes to tell a 2.5 minute story. Homerun, singles, doubles, steals and errors…oh my! And all at the bottom of the 2nd.

Randomness that ensued during call with Amy:
* Her co-worker Melty (in San Francisco and a Giants fan) decided his At Bat song would be the Sanford & Sons theme song…bah bah baaahnuh.
* When the did a slow motion reply of Cirillo’s run to home (where the catcher dropped the ball) Amy and I both did the slow motion Noooooo...oooohhh...yeeaaaaaahhh...sssssuuuuhhhweeettt…
(I think you had to be there.)

Letter to Metsgrrl
I know you are heading to the Midwest to watch your Mets play. Please tell Luis Castillo hello.

- Jen

Note to Spell Check: Uh, maybe you don’t know this but “gianormous” is now a real word. Dude, you need to update!


MetsGrrl said...

Cliff Floyd already used the "Sanford and Son" music as his at-bat music last year. Lo Duca suggested he use it as a joke for always being injured.

And I will give Mr. Castillo your best.

Karleeee said...


YES another girl who drinks beers and swears at the tv during the game.

I have a feeling it will be happening tonight again. Swearing for good reasons maybe?

Or if buscher decides to be uber slow with rushing up to the ball.


And HOLY shit castillo is being pretty darn good at the mets.
I watched the game last night and yelled " seem like your running pretty fast. oooh my kneees hurt..ya keep on feeding me bullshit"

Then I got sad. Because I yelled at him not out of anger, but out of pure and utter sadness.
True story.

ps:"Torii Hunter (He Who Shall Not Be Traded)" I want to hug you and hand feed you mini cupcakes for doing a cute HP reference *hug*