Thursday, August 9, 2007

They trade in their high tops/ for night sized white rocks

The Last Hit by High and Mighty
I would like to put a disclaimer on this entry because my household (well the adults at least) have been stricken down by the Common Cold. Right now I have tissues with lotion, lots of medicine, cough drops with vapors and eye drops. I am not in the best place to be writing sentences and such. (Don’t tell my boss that!) Oh, I also lost the ability to pronounce the letter “G.”

Here is a list of thoughts/reactions from last night’s game (only until the 7th, which is when my drugs kicked in)

* How can a Twins fan not love last night’s game? I can’t help but feel like we owned that town last night. Besides the obvious win it was great to see so many Twins fans in the crowd. (Note: if I was a KC fan I would feel very different and territorial.)
* I have to give major props to Stacy since when I walked in the door last night she already had the game on. See, baseball is addicting.
* Did anyone else get fed up with the awkward argument between Dick and Bert regarding Barry Bonds? I don’t think they could have been more passive aggressive. Please, for the love of All-Star High-tops, don’t carry the issue/topic/argument into two innings. One is enough!
* Did anyone else feel a kind of “sweet justice” when Torii hit his homerun after the Great Morneausey Debate? I did. In fact there may have been a little “in your face” going on.
* Anytime we go through the line-up in an inning is a guaranteed good time. The players said it, Gardy said it and us fans said it…They were having fun out there.
* At 5:30 this morning I caught the end of the rebroadcast of yesterday’s game. It felt like I was in a time vortex, floating in a parallel baseball universe.

* For anyone who cares…last night I slept with a tissue jammed up my right nostril. Damn cold. Oh, and nose rings? Not as “bad ass” during a cold.


Katie said...

Yeah, Torii was definitely sending a message. "Try to argue about THIS one, boys."

Casey said...

I was already yelling at the TV, due to my fierce need to defend and protect Justin at all times (it was clearly a triple), when Torii hit the homerun. I believe I yelled “SUCK IT KANANS CITY!” and they did.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Well, I am glad I wasn't the only one who felt vindicated with his homerun. I think I had "Eye of the Tiger" running through my head.

Karleeee said...

haha try a septum AND nose ring.
I feel your pain girl.

Hahah yeah I got kinda pissed when they put morneau at 2nd.

I was pouting.
Then Hunter hit the home run and I squealed out "OWNED MOTHER *if I had a beeping machine it would be beeping for a good minute* YEAH!"

Anonymous said...

When they sent Justin packing back to 2nd base I was thinking, "Gee, it sure would be cool if Torii hit a homer." And he did! Awesome. Hope you are feeling better.

aka Twins Sister

Twins Fan said...

haha, sweet justice indeed.
'Send Justin back to first and...' first pitch, 'bye, bye'
Nice one. xD