Thursday, December 27, 2007

And at the show on Tuesday/She was in her mindset/Tempered furs and spangled boots

To make this officially basebally
Here is Gregg (who hates to be referenced in my blog but I am desperate) holding a sign. If any of you knew Gregg you would know that he hates signs, the wave, throwing back opposing homerun balls and our mascot.

Seriously, there isn’t anything going on in the world of baseball. Heck, there isn’t even a “classic” game being aired on FSN. What’s a gal to do? Well, this gal is going to write about non-baseball stuff.

Half-assed Music Review
Babyshambles. Right now I have been driving everyone in the Land O’Cubicles bonkers by talking about Pete Doherty and the newly released “Shotter’s Nation.” Actually, I am listening to it right now whilst sitting in my cubicle (not working, naturally.) I am a new Babyshambles fan but have been a Libertines fan for a while. Shotter’s Nation is fan-fucking-tastic (I had to swear, it is so Pete-like.)
Anyways, check out this photo of the band. I mean, you can’t get any more rockstar than that! You can practically smell the gin, Carlsberg beer and stale cigarette (?) smoke.

I am about to embark on the most insane thing of my 28 years on this planet (besides that one road trip Michelle and I took to see Joey McIntyre in concert in Chicago a few years ago.) House buying. Holy crap, my OCD is in such disarray. I have no freaking clue what I am doing. One part of me wants to read all “Buying for Dummies” and bank brochures whilst the other part wants to just close my eyes and sign on the line. Yeah, I know which side will win but wouldn’t it be more fun to just do it blindfolded?

Overheard on my bus
I overheard the following conversation yesterday afternoon between two preppy looking teenagers:
Teen girl 1: Oh my god! Tara just texted that that Nick and Miley are dating!
Teen girl 2: No way! He is way too good for her.

At this point I turned off my iPod to eavesdrop on their conversation (or “convo” if you are 14 years old.)

Teen girl 1: Okay, I just told Tara that had to be a rumor.
Teen girl 2:

Okay, so the scariest part of their conversation so far? The fact I know who the hell they are talking about. Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) and Miley Cirus (of Hannah Montana.) Don’t ask me why. Seriously. Don’t.

Teen girl 2: Well, Joe is the cutest one anyways.
Teen girl 1: No, Nick is.

And at this point I am smiling to myself remembering back 18 years ago when my friends and I got into fights about which New Kids on the Block member was cuter (Joey, hands down.)

Teen girl 1: Well, Joe wears a purity ring to prove that he’s going to stay pure until marriage.
Teen girl 2: Oh. (sounding very bummed out) that is lame. Do they all plan that?

At this point I had to cough in order to cover up my snort of laughter.

Teen girl 1: That’s okay. He may just be saying that because they have to be good role models.
Teen girl 2: Yeah, I hope so.

Oh man, I am old.

Amy, that is why I was looking up Jonas Brothers on Wikipedia when you called…not because I have a new obsession with underage boy bands.

And because I can't resist...
The Kooks – She moves in her own way


Tricia said...

Good luck with the house buying! You should be able to get a good deal right about now. :-) I used to work for a title company, and there are some really good (and some really crappy) mortgage brokers out there. I know you only know me thru the blogosphere, but let me know if you'd like some broker recommendations. I **heart** the guy who did the loan for my house.

PumpkinGirl said...

OMG, teen conversations overheard are the best. My favorites are the ones that get juicy into details about boy bands, second only to those about their own friends and which ones are fighting with which.

House hunting, eh? Maybe it's your chance to "move on up" out of the Ghetto #5 route, eh? Naawwwwwwwww. Why'd ya want to do that?!!? (Answer: to protect Lady)