Friday, December 7, 2007

I can’t stop this feeling/Deep inside of me/Girl, you just don’t realize/What you do to me

Headline of the morning
Twins lose six players in Rule 5 Draft – Three members of the club go in the Major League portion. Well, hells bells…it really hasn’t been our off-season.

Yes iPod, I have enough love for all my shiny gadgets!
Yesterday evening was spent setting up booksmarks on my brand, spanking new computer. Being a product of doing-everything-on-the-computer, I ended up using Google to find this blog since I don’t have it memorized. To my pleasant surprise I found that when I searched “Lipgloss and Baseball” there were a fair number of results pertaining to my blog. I was excited to see I made a cameo appearance on an actual lip gloss themed blog:
Girl Gloss. I also had a shout-out on a MN Vikings football blog (due to the fact I mentioned it was hard to watch a football game in my baseball stadium): Ragnarok – It Ain’t Easy Being a Vikings Fan. Yeah baseball!

Non-baseball related - iObsess
I am now addicted to finding Podcast for my iPod. Currently I am into NPR: All Songs Considered. They have a weekly program that highlights new songs and they also broadcast live from concerts. I found recent shows by Travis, Rilo Kiley and Swell Season (from the movie “Once”). Yeah me!

Video Advent Calendar – 19 Days until Christmas (starting to feel the panic of gift buying)
Okay, don’t be mad but I was thinking of the next video to post and searched for something by The Feeling and got an evil chuckle out of this video instead. Sorry…but you have to watch it. WATCH IT!

Hooked on a Feeling – David Hasselhoff


k-bro said...

Yeah. Thanks for that video. Now I've got that stupid song stuck in my head. And I've never seen such -- ahem, interesting -- use of chroma key.


BTW: Thanks for the link. :)

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hey K-Bro,

I thought I would share the pain of having that song in my head all day long!!! That stupid "ooga chocka, ooga chocka" part is set on repeat in my brain! Argh.

Glad to have more baseball blogs to link to.