Monday, December 10, 2007

So I came back to Minneapolis/This time I think I’m gonna stay

Alas, nothing related to baseball
It’s quiet…almost too quiet in the MLB topics.

This week is a big holiday/party week…jealous?
Monday Night Happy Hour – Monday
Going Away Happy Hour – Wednesday
Land O’Cubicles Holiday Party – Thursday
Lena’s Holiday Party – Saturday

The Zep
Led Zeppelin is baaaack. Tonight is the reunion show in London. I can only hope that this may spark a tour!

Video Advent Calendar – 17 Days Until Drinking Bailey’s
This song makes me laugh! I mean, seriously…you have to listen to the lyrics. This video opens up with him singing “Silent Night” and then segues into the best song EVER!!!

Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis - Tom Waits

One more video…if you can handle it!
Last month I went to Las Vegas with my Aunt Karin, Stacy and Lucy. Here are some of my photos set to music in my Vegas Video Montage.

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