Monday, December 31, 2007

I’ll be alright on my own/Don’t worry about me/Pack your bags, your alibis/And do whatever’s gonna set you free

Girl’s night
Stacy sublet Lucy to my aunt and uncle last night so we had a good old fashioned Girls Night. We saw Juno, ate Thai food (Tum Rup Thai) and went music shopping at Cheapo’s. We also (which may embarrass Stacy for stating this publicly) watched the fifth disc of the sixth season of Gilmore Girls. I spent the whole evening comment on how I was freaked out/excited that Stacy was actually sitting down and chilling with me. (Being a single parent with an exuberant blog community keeps her going.)

Juno, the film
Honestly, there are very few films out there that whilst I am watching them I covet the soundtrack. Juno is one of them (the other being Elizabethtown.) First, the film was amazing. Hands down one of the most entertaining and funny films of the year, if not more. Second, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Seriously, check it out.

Music, the addiction
Being inspired by the soundtrack of Juno and being conveniently located across the street from the city’s greatest used music store, Cheapo’s. Well, since I have no willpower and/or control AND they have the greatest Modern Rock collection I left with four CDs:

Neon Bible by Arcade Fire (yes, I finally broke down and bought it, damn hype)
America by Romantica (I decided to give back to one of the local bands)
Scottish Fiction by Idlewild (I thought I would give them a try since loria has been recommending them)
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace by Foo Fighters (to prep for the concert in February)

New Year’s Resolution – Schmesolutions
I am in the top ten percentile of lame resolution makers. Why? Well, because I make resolutions that I know I will keep. Exhibit A: I will not eat any Blue Cheese dressing. Fact: I hate Blue Cheese dressing. Exhibit B: I will not purchase a Colbie Caillat album. Fact: I can’t stand her. That being said here are some lame albeit real resolutions for 2008:
I will not purchase a whole CD when I only want three or less songs off the album.
I will try not to mock Vegan Joe and his quirky (drunken) statements (oh, and I won’t make fun of his virtual-reality dragon named Bolt.)
I may or may not purchase a house and/or townhouse.
I will go and visit my Grams.
I will teach Lucy three more songs that are not children’s music (I am thinking Pink Floyd, Ramones and Toto)

Look for my baseball resolutions in April 2008!

Happy New Year’s!!!

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Karleeee said...

the foo album is ear candy.