Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hey flathead don’t check me in / Well hers is a tonic and mine is a gin

And deep breath
The Winter Meetings have wrapped up. It appears that Santana was the belle of the Winter Meeting ball. And yet…nothing happened except for enough rumors to fill Lake Superior. What is going to happen next? Is it weird that I am a little disappointed that there was all this drama, via rumors only and nothing too big? Sheesh…even A-Rod is quiet.

Yes iPod, I have enough love for all my shiny gadgets!
I spent all yesterday evening geeking out over my new laptop. She is shiny, white and faster than Lew Ford’s pinwheel legs (inside baseball joke.) I “heart” her. The world is back on its axis and now I can internet anywhere! ANYWHERE! Also, now I can download the last four episodes of CSI: NY to catch up.

Video Advent Calendar – 20 Days
Ah, this reminds of last summer when I was driving around the fancy suburbs in my Jeep with the sunroof open and blasting this song. Ah, Edina…will you ever be the same again?

Fratelli’s - Flathead


WinTwins57 said...

While I'm very happy Johan is still in the fold (for now), I too, am a little let down by the whole thing. Oh well....

Curveball said...

Ah, still a chance Johan will be in pinstrips. Want to see Nathan go to the Tigers. Maybe Morneau to the Mets. And Baby Jesus Joey to the Royals. Anyone still available for the Red Sox? Little Nicky would make a good backup infielder. Still more? Silva to the Astros. And Rondell White comes back...playing for the St. Paul Saints!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I won't be really relaxed until something is signed (and only if it is a good thing.)