Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So this is Christmas/And what have you done/Another year over/A new one just begun

Sweet baby Jesus! I can’t keep up with all the rumors.
Yanks drop out
BoSox front runners
If Santana goes so will Nathan
Nathan in the wind
Santana Saga
Will Someone Take Johan Santana, please
(that one really sticks me!)

What’s a girl supposed to do? Well, this girl is not clicking on the hyperlinks and getting sucked into that vortex of trade rumors.

Well, I want to wish everyone a happy Winter Meeting season and let’s hope the Baseball Fairy (I picture a mix of Bert Blylevin and that SnackWells fairy) brings us some good news.

Non-baseball ball topic PS: Sportsman of the Year – Favre? Well, he is an icon and he has been playing longer than Moses…oh, and he appears to be a nice guy. The Cheeseheads are happy.

Video Advent Calendar – 22 Days until Christmas
Let’s get back on the Christmassy track here. I present you with one of my favorite song/video around this time of year…maybe even more so this year.

Happy Christmas by John Lennon


Anonymous said...

here is the latest hallucination from new york city:


Just got an incredible rumor from a trusted New York sportswriter. Stay with me, because this one's crazy. But rest assured that if the source wasn't good, I wouldn't post it.

Minnesota has initiated talks for a three-way blockbuster with the Mets and A's. Here's how it would go down:

Mets send Jose Reyes, Kevin Mulvey, and Hector Pellot to A's
A's send Bobby Crosby and Dan Johnson to Mets
A's send Dan Haren to Twins
Twins send Johan Santana to Mets

Mets get Johan Santana, Bobby Crosby and Dan Johnson
A's get Jose Reyes and Kevin Mulvey
Twins get Dan Haren and Hector Pellot"

Wow I would be happy if this happened. Not about Reyes leaving neccesarily, but I would, if I were Omar Minaya, give up Jose Reyes for Johan Santana, Bobby Crosby and Dan Johnson? Hell yeah!!


Anonymous said...

Seems like the Twins would get the short end of the stick on this deal.