Monday, December 17, 2007

Besides, maybe this time is different/I mean, I really think you like me

Wow, the players are in an uproar these last few days. The headlines on the sporting pages are riddled with “So-and-so denies…” I think within the next few days the hype will die out and be long forgotten, lessons will go unlearned.

New Twins
Mike Lamb (Houston Astros) – Third Base
Adam Everett (Houston Astros) – Shortstop

Non-baseball News:

This very random, business-casual looking guy was in Target this afternoon sporting one of those tear-drop tattoos. I always thought they symbolized that the wearer murdered someone however after using Wikipedia I found there are a few options:
1. He was a “sissie” and his “sugar daddy” had him marked
2. A family member, friend or fellow gang member has been killed
* If teardrop is open or clear – loved one has been murdered
* If teardrop is solid – loved one has killed themselves or was killed in another cause other than murder
* If teardrop has half empty top and half full bottom – loved one has been murdered but their killer was murdered by the tattoo wearer
3. Number of years he has been in prison or the serving of more than one prison term
4. Killed another person
* If the teardrop is solid – that a murder was carried out
* If the teardrop is open or clear – a murder was attempted but failed

So, there is more than you ever needed or wanted to know about teardrop tattoos

My Adventures in the Suburbs
I spent three full days in Maple Grove (aka “the burbs”) cat/house-sitting for Amy. It was like I was in a time warp where I couldn’t leave the house or I would get sucked into a parallel universe. First, Amy’s place is just so damn quiet and comfortable that I read a book I found on her coffee table (Twilight by Stephanie Meyer – yes, ilovedragons, I finally succumbed) and watched the shows she had stored in TiVo (I finally saw the latest episode of CSI: New York after missing four or five.) I also slept for like 14 hours a day. Man, real-life sucks!

Video Advent Calendar – One Week until Christmas (or 7.5 days)
Vegan Joe has been talking about Bright Eyes for the last few weeks (cough*obsessively*cough) so I finally decided to check out the music video he sent me. Yes, the video is sweet but the song is really great!

Bright Eyes – First Day of my Life

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Jeff said...

"First Day of My Life" is one of my favorite songs. The video is absolutely cute overload. Thanks for reminding me!